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Christmas car hire prices rise

Major car rental company logosThe holidays will be in full swing between 22 and 27 December. In the US, a lot of people will be travelling to see family and friends for Christmas, which means travel arrangements have been or will be made.  When it comes to car hire, some holidaymakers may be shocked to see the prices. A rental rates survey has been carried out by, revealing the 30 cities where prices have increased the most and the cities where prices are the highest.

This research has found that car hire prices have nearly tripled in Miami for the Christmas travel period from a usual $24 per day to a whopping $84 per day. At a 250% hike, rates in the Florida city have seen the highest increase out of any other. In Phoenix, Arizona, rental rates have jumped 181% to $76 per day, while Denver, Colorado prices have increased 148% to $62 a day. Other large increases include: 143% in Las Vegas, Nevada to $56 a day; 112% in Honolulu, Hawaii to $106 per day; 110% in Minneapolis, Minnesota to $61 per day; 105% in Orlando, Florida to $41 a day; 91% in San Diego, California to $45 per day; 90% in Chicago, Illinois to $57 a day; and 70% in Los Angeles, California to $40 a day.

According to these increases, people travelling in Florida and needing a rental car would do much better to hire one in Orlando for $41 a day than in Miami for $84 per day. However, while Miami, Phoenix and Denver are at the top of the list for increases, Honolulu is where travelers will be paying the most, at $106 per day. This means a family driving in Hawaii over the 6-day holiday period will spend more than $600 on car hire alone, and this doesn’t include fuel, taxes and other fees.

Despite the skyrocketing prices in these cities, there have been some cities to see rental rates decline. The biggest fall in car hire prices has been in Houston, Texas, where rates are down 32% to $31 per day. Rates have also dropped: 23% in St. Louis, Missouri to $33 a day; 20% in Indianapolis, Indiana to $32 a day; 17% in San Antonio, Texas to $33 a day; 13% in Dallas, Texas to $33 a day; 10% in Cincinnati, Ohio to $25 per day; and 4% in Baltimore, Maryland to $44 a day.

Meanwhile, the national average price of fuel was at its lowest this year, $3.25 per gallon, as of Monday 17 December. This is three cents down from the previous lowest price of the year, $3.28, on 1 January. While some states are just happy to see fuel prices fall under $4, others are seeing costs fall below $3. So at least no matter where holidaymakers hire their car for the Christmas travel period, they will see that fuel won’t cost them as much now as it did earlier this year.



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