Chymorvah Hotel Owners in Hot Water Over Equal Rights

Mr and Mrs BullMost people believe that everyone should have equal rights. This is something that people all over the world have been working on for hundreds of years. However, every once in a while stories of people dishing out their own rights arise, and they are not always equal. Case in point is an event that happened at the Chymorvah Hotel in Marazion.

This hotel, which is owned by Christians, turned away two men from Bristol back in 2008. These two men, who are gay, wanted to share a room together. The owners, who are a married couple, denied them a room and turned them away. The couple has had to appear in front of a judge for their actions.

Actually, this is not the first time that the couple has appeared in front of a judge over this issue. Mr and Mrs Bull say that they did nothing wrong. They did not have indirect or direct discrimination against anyone. However, the couple does feel that people should not have sex out of marriage. Due to this, they do not rent rooms to people who are not married.

Mr and Mrs Bull say that they see any sex outside of marriage as a sin. Due to this, they do not feel that they refused the room to the men because of their sexual orientation. Instead, they refused it to the men because of their sexual practice, and they would have done so to a traditional couple as well.

Despite this argument, the Bristol County Court, as well as the Court of Appeal, has stated that the owners of the hotel have acted unlawfully. However, this case is far from over. Now, the case is going to be heard by the Supreme Court on October 9.

So far, this bad press has really hurt Mr and Mrs Bull’s hotel. They say that they have been dropped by VisitEngland, which is one way that they use to attract customers. The couple never believed that it would have turned out like this. They were just doing what they believed was right and what god wanted.

The owners went on to say that they had been with VisitEngland for at least 20 years. However, they had to part ways with VisitEngland because they refuse to change their policy. Mr Bull said that they used to be 3-star rated. However, now that they are not with VisitEngland anymore, they are not allowed to be printed in many publications or put on a lot of different websites.

Mr Bull finished up by saying that he has always and will continue to run his business in accordance to what the Bible says. He said that they are responsible for the people who are staying under their roof. Thus, he thinks it is important that he takes care of those people and makes sure that they head down the right path. He just wants to find some kind of middle ground that allows people of different lifestyles to live with each other instead of fighting each other.



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