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Colombia Team Says Brazil Supporters Are Hanging Outside Their Hotel

2014 FIFA World Cup logoIt is no shock that sports fans want their favourite teams to win the 2014 World Cup. These fans like to support their teams any way that they can. However, there are some fans that like to take this to the extreme. For example, they like to hang outside the opposing team’s hotel and distract them. For the Colombian team that has made it to the World Cup quarter-final, this means hearing fireworks at 4 a.m.

According to Colombia, there were Brazil supporters hanging outside their hotel and shooting off fireworks at 4 a.m. They believe that they were doing this in an attempt to keep the team up and make them tired. They also believe that the Brazil supporters will do anything they can to make sure that their home team wins the World Cup on their soil.

This goes hand in hand with a statement that was made by Brazil’s head coach, Luiz Felipen Scolari. He said that his team has been known as the “nice guys” of the World Cup. However, that ends now. He said that when they play Colombia, the whole nice guy thing will go out the window.

Of course, Brazil might need all the help they can get. Overall, only six of the players on the team have ever played in a World Cup final. As a result, Brazil is extremely inexperienced. Scolari said that he has been doing all he can to shield his squad from the weight that comes with playing in the World Cup. There are a lot of dreams and hopes that come with playing in the tournament. He does not want his team to be weighed down by the nearly 200 million fans that are watching and hoping that they win.

The biggest problem for Brazil right now is that they have had a string of near eliminations already. This includes the game against Chile on July 5. The coach said that all of this has really pushed him and his team to the breaking point. They are getting closer to the final game, and they really need to change how they are playing if they are going to have any chance of winning.

When talking to the media, Scolari said that they are being true gentlemen in these games. His players have all been extremely polite to the foreigners who have come to Brazil to play the games. However, it is time that the team changes a little. He said that he no longer wants his team to be the target of the press.



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