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Countries Warn Against Travel to Egypt After Three Deaths

EgyptIt appears that many countries across the world are placing a travel warning on Egypt. This includes the United States, which now warns that Americans should not travel to Egypt unless absolutely necessary. In fact, the United States has already asked all of its non-emergency diplomatic staff to leave the country. Despite these warnings, a number of tourists still remain in Egypt as clashes continue throughout the area.

Tourists who still remain in Egypt are asked to remain on high alert. These tourists should do their best to avoid public gatherings and stay inside as much as possible. These warnings were given by multiple governments after three people were killed, one of which was a US citizen. These clashes are apparently taking place between people who support and oppose President Mohammed Morsi.

Protests in Egypt have been at a fever pitch ever since some opposition members staged a huge rally. The goal of this protest was to demand that Mr Morsi go ahead and step down as President. Of course, supporters of Morsi say that they reject the opposition openly. Of course, it is this opposition that has led to so many clashes.

Another reason why so many clashes are going on right now is the time frame. This past Sunday actually marked the very first anniversary of Mr Morsi’s inauguration. People who are opposed to him say that he has had a year to make changes and has failed to do so.

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, said that his administration is supporting all peaceful protests and methods to bring about the change that is needed in Egypt. That being said, he says the United States is against any kind of violence that might be used to bring about this change.

Ban Ki-moon, who is the Secretary General to the United Nations, said that he is urging all Egyptians to respect the principles of peaceful dialogue. People in Egypt need to be concerned over the awareness of the growing tension in Egypt. Not only is this hurting Egypt’s name, but it is hurting its economy.

After countries like the United States asked their travellers to depart Egypt, major airports in places like Cairo were packed. Passengers from all over Egypt were cutting their holidays short to get out of the country because they did not want to get caught up in the mess.

Reports show that two people died this past Friday. This happened after protestors in Alexandria stormed an office of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is an office that supports President Morsi. It was just one of the eight offices around the country that suffered the same kind of attack. The United States national who was killed was apparently trying to use his mobile phone to take pictures of the event. It is believed that protestors beat him to death in order to stop him taking pictures.

Official reports on how the American was killed are still unclear. It is known that he was attacked by protestors, but reports from Egyptian officials say that he was stabbed in the chest. Other reports say that the man was shot in the chest. This would mean that many of the protestors are using guns to prove their point.



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