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Czech Republic Man Jailed After Stealing Hire Cars Across Europe

Czech RepublicThere are few thieves who get away with their crimes for so long that they are wanted across Europe. Well, that is just what has happened for one Czech Republic man whose crime spree has finally come to an end. Police say that he has been tracked all across Europe and is wanted in a £200,000 car hire theft conspiracy.

The man is named Martin Olah, and he is 31 years old. He has been involved in the theft of very expensive cars from car hire firms. This includes the stealing of cars from UK car rental firms. Two of the cars that he stole came from Stansted Airport. He was jailed this month at the Chelmsford Crown Court.

According to police reports, Olah has been hunted by police ever since he left the country in January 2013. He was finally caught up with in Britain this past December when he returned to visit some relatives.

Reports suggest that Olah was actually grabbed at Stansted Airport while he was trying to enter the country. Once he was arrested, he pleaded guilty to being involved in the carjacking ring. In total, it is believed that Olah stole up to seven cars that were worth an estimated £200,000.

Olah was jailed for a total of 30 months. Once he gets out, it is not known where he will go because he has no fixed address. The investigation into the arrest of Olah was led by Dc Jean Seager. She said that Olah has also been associated with five other men. These men were convicted in August of last year. Thus, Olah was the last one to be caught.

Seager continued to explain that they have been tracking Olah for a long time, and their search has taken them across Europe. He fled the UK when the other five men were arrested. He knew he was next and that he needed to run. He first tried to get into the UK in March 2013. However, he was stopped before getting in by French authorities who believed that he had false details on his documents.

The investigator said that she worked closely with police forces all over Europe. This included when he popped back up in Austria and was involved in the theft of more cars from hiring firms in Vienna. He was also caught in the Czech Republic in a British hire car. Once again, he was caught because of false documentation. His wife, who lives in Belgium, was found driving a Mercedes that is worth nearly £75,000.

Seager added that the theft of car hires at airports has been a huge problem. However, after these five men were put away last year, one car hire firm said that its losses have been reduced by nearly 50 percent.



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