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Danish Woman Is Gang Raped in New Delhi After Asking for Directions

New DelhiTravelling overseas has always been a little dangerous. This is especially true when a person is travelling alone. One 51-year-old Danish woman found this out the hard way. According to local reports, this lady was gang raped near a popular shopping district in New Delhi. The sexual assault took place after the lady became lost and asked a group of men for directions on how to get back to her hotel. The men who gang raped the Danish woman did not stop at just raping her. They also beat her and robbed her.

Rajan Bhagat, a spokesman for the local police department, said that two of the men have already been arrested. These two men were only found after police spent a whole day searching for them. More details on the other men involved in the gang rape have not been released.

Unfortunately, this kind of story is not rare in India. Sexual assaults have been on the rise in the country as of late. Most of these crimes happen to women who are travelling alone or who are out shopping alone.

Bhagat said that the lady simply got lost and needed directions to get back to her hotel. She found a group of guys and asked them how to get back. It was at this point that the men lured her to a secluded area. Once out of public view, the men took turns raping her at knife-point. After the savage raping, the woman found her way back to her hotel and asked the owner to call the police.

The owner of Amax Hotel, Amit Bahl, said that the woman looked miserable when she came into the hotel. She was crying and just looked like she had been through a lot. He said that he is really ashamed that this could happen to such a lovely woman in his home country.

It is not as if the Danish lady was staying in a bad part of town either. In fact, there is a sign just outside the hotel that shows that the hotel is recommended by the Lonely Planet, a top travel source. This incident does prove, however, that travelling alone can be dangerous.

Ole Egberg, the leader of the Danish Foreign Ministry’s department in Copenhagen, said that the lady, whose name is not being released, is on her way home to Denmark. The woman has been receiving assistance from both Danish and Indian authorities. People close to her have already been contacted. New Delhi police believe that they will be able to catch the men who participated in the gang rape because it does not appear that any of them used protection.

These sexual assaults have become very widespread in India. In December 2012, there was another terrible gang rape of a 23-year-old woman. Unfortunately, this woman was raped to death while she was on a moving bus. It was never determined how many people on the bus participated in the rape. After the crime was reported, there was a public outcry. The Indian government doubled the prison term for rape from 10 to 20 years. The government also made it illegal to stalk woman.



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