Daughter and Mother found dying in Premier Inn hotel after making a suicide pact

Premier Inn LogoPolice have revealed that a daughter and her mother were found badly injured in a Premier Inn hotel. According to the police report, the two had made a suicide pact. Margaret McDonough, a 52-year-old, was found dying in a Premier Inn in Scotland last Friday. Police say that she had severe slash injuries. Her daughter Nicola, 23, was found in the hall outside the room with similar injuries. As of right now, the police are not searching for anyone else that may be connected with this incident.

Although both women were alive when the ambulance arrived to take them to a hospital in Greenock, Renfrewshire, they both later died under the care of the hospital. Nicola spent three days in the hospital before she died from her wounds on Monday. The mother died the same day that she was taken to the hospital.

Police detectives have already said that they will investigate this event. They want to determine without any doubt that this was an attempt at double suicide. Police have already ruled out an attack by a third party. However it is not clear if the two turned on each other when they were alone in the hotel room.

A spokeswoman for the local police department said that they are still in the middle of their investigation. After asking people at the hotel a series of questions, the police have ruled out a third party being involved. Now they are busy talking to different family and friends to find out what kind of relationship the mother and daughter had. They want to know what led up to this event. They are asking questions like: Were the ladies right- or left-handed? This will help the police determine if the injuries on their bodies were self-inflicted. After all, it was odd that the mother was in the hotel bleeding out and the young woman was in the corridor.

During this time, however, the police will continue with their forensic tests. The only thing the department knows for sure is that it is not looking for a third party at this time. So far, a post-mortem investigation has already been done on the mother. Police had first hoped that they would be able to ask the daughter a few questions when she was better. However, she died before the police were ever able to question her as to what happened.

According to the hotel staff at the Premier Inn, the two women checked in around 3:50 p.m. last Thursday. Oddly enough, the two women checked into the hotel without telling any of their family members. In fact, the family reported the women as missing that same afternoon.

The family first knew that something was wrong when the mother failed to pick up her other two kids from their nursery. These two children were her foster children. Reports do show that the two ladies did not just check into the hotel and stay there. Instead, they went out and did not return to their hotel until around 1:00 a.m. Police know this because different people spotted the two women around town that night.



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