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Discovery Channel Finds Out the Top 25 Areas in the World Brits Want to Visit

Great Barrier ReefWhen it comes to travelling, many people have a bucket list. These are places that travellers want to see before they die. However, the Discovery Channel has figured out that the places that people want to see before they die are directly linked to where they live. This is perfectly reasonable when people consider that someone living in France might not have the Eiffel Tower on her bucket list because she has more than likely seen it. The same could be said for someone who lives next to the Grand Canyon, but she may want to see the Eiffel Tower.

Although it would be impossible for the Discovery Channel to find out where every Brit wants to go before they die, it was possible to take a survey to list the top 25 places that most Brits put on their bucket lists. This list was put together by surveying nearly 2,000 Brits. The Discovery Channels was also able to find out the main reason why these Brits have not visited these areas yet. The main reason turned out to be money. Nearly 72 percent of the people who took the survey claimed that it was money that was keeping them from visiting places on their bucket list.

So what was the number one location on the list? According to the Discovery Channel, the top place that Brits want to see before they die is the North Cape in Norway. The main reason for wanting to visit this area is to see the Aurora Borealis. The second most common place is Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef. Apparently, a lot of Brits wish to go diving and see the reef up close and personal.

Next on the list was to take a road trip down Route 66 in the United States, followed by a day of climbing or hiking at the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon was not the only place in the United States that people in Britain want to see before they died. Yellowstone National park made it on the list at number 13, and Yosemite National park made it on the list at number 20 for its world famous camp sites.

Coming up last on the list was taking a tour of the Rocky Mountains in Canada. Some other notable additions on this list include visiting the Forbidden City in China, seeing the Moai statues on Easter Island and seeing the Pyramids of Giza.

As far as the number one spot was concerned, nearly 45 percent of the Brits that took the survey want to see the North Cape before they died. Besides money stopping most Brits from travelling, 35 percent of travellers also noted that a lack of time from work and family commitments keep them from being able to mark some of these places off their bucket lists.



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