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Dog the Bounty Hunter Refused UK Visa

Dog the Bounty Hunter‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ has been barred from the UK due to a 1976 murder conviction. This name is really the name of the US reality television show, and his actual name is Duane Chapman. However, many people simply call him Dog.

The star was expected to appear on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, but border officials have denied him a visa. He explained that he was 23 when he was waiting in a car outside a house while his friend went inside to buy marijuana. His friend and the dealer got into an argument, and his friend shot the dealer.

On Monday while in Honolulu, the 59-year-old said that a murder conviction is something that follows people for the rest of their lives, despite who they become or who they are, and he’s not proud of it. Anyone who was present at the time of a murder in the ’70s was found guilty. He, his friend, and the others in their group were all found guilty. His sentence was to serve five years in jail but was paroled after 18 months.

Dog added that he shouldn’t have been there and shouldn’t have been the person he was. However, he’s frustrated that this is keeping him from visiting British fans. It’s a terrible feeling, and he’s dumbfounded. He can’t believe this is still a problem after all these years – particularly since he’s been on television for the last nine years. Beth, his wife, has described it as an insult considering her husband’s charity work. He’s lived with the ‘X’ on his back for 30 years, she added, and society just doesn’t let go.

Although Chapman has been denied a visa for the UK in the past, it’s noted on his temporary worker visa application that he’s been to other countries. This includes Mexico, where he went to catch serial rapist and fugitive Andrew Luster about nine years ago.

Former Pampa Police Department Officer Charles Love was the responding officer to the murder in 1976. He submitted a declaration that Chapman’s role was minor and that he was a model inmate until his early release was granted. Whether the UK government will be swayed by this declaration or not, the star says he’s waited 30 years for that statement, and he considers it vindication. He’s so grateful for it, as he’s been telling the truth.

On Tuesday, the UK Home Office said that it doesn’t comment on specific cases. All applicants are required to declare any criminal convictions when they apply to visit the country. The UK Border Agency, it added, subjects all of them to the same strict checks.

The refusal notice to Chapman from the UK Border Agency said that the visa was denied due to the conviction. It also said that his application didn’t include enough info about why he would be visiting. Later, production company Endemol UK Limited sent a letter to the agency, saying that it’s sponsoring the trip and that he has been selected for ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ because of public interest in his personality and lifestyle.

Dog will be appealing the visa refusal and hopes for a last-minute decision, despite the show starting this week. Since his show wasn’t renewed on A&E in the US after eight seasons, he was relying on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and other London gigs to get them through while he works on getting his show back on the air. He says this visa issue has really numbed the family financially.



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