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Dollar and Thrifty let consumers bypass road tolls

Paying toll fees on many major highways and bridges in the United States and parts of

Europe can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. Some car rental companies, like Dollar and Thrifty, have recognized this and proposed solutions to help their clients bypass the tolls, entitled “Rent-a-Toll” and “Pass24.” The service is currently in its early stages and is now offered in Dallas, Houston and Denver, but will likely be expanded to other parts of the

US in the near future.

By paying an additional $8.95 per day on auto rentals, consumers can bypass all tolls on roads and highways in the vicinity of these cities. In the case of

Denver, Colorado, this includes some 65 miles of roadways. Additional benefits include not having to wait in line at toll booths on some roads, no need to carry precise change in order to pay for the cost of tolls and the ability to access express lanes on all major roads. Purchasing the “Pass24” or “Rent-a-Toll” option with a car rental also means that drivers can consolidate their car hire payments in a single bill, rather than having their credit cards charged separately for tolls. This service also permits drivers to pass through an unlimited number of tolls within the given city’s metropolitan area an unlimited number of times each day.

Scott Anderson, a vice-president at the Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, has asserted that these pre-paid toll options are very rapidly gaining in popularity. Rent-A-Toll’s president, Rick Welch, has also confirmed that his company will work in tandem with Dollar and Thrifty in an effort to initiate an “aggressive expansion” into other

US markets.



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