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Dollar Thrifty to Start Laying Off Workers as It Prepares to Relocate Its Headquarters

Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group LogosThere is some bad news for Dollar Thrifty workers. The company will now start laying off employees. These layoffs come as the company prepares to move from its current headquarters in Oklahoma to Florida. This move will help Dollar Thrifty work closer with its parent company Hertz, which is also located in Florida.

Despite this making headline news, Dollar Thrifty was very secretive as to just how many employees will be laid off. The employees that are not let go will be expected to move with the company to Florida. That being said, it seems likely that the employees that were unable or unwilling to move will be among those being let go.

When speaking publicly on this matter, Dollar Thrifty spokeswoman Anna Bootenhoff said that this move was expected. Also, when Hertz finally acquired Dollar Thrifty, it was made clear that there would have to be redundancies. These redundancies were made in areas that needed to be eliminated for the good of the company. Despite the fact that Dollar Thrifty is moving its main headquarters to Florida, the company does plan on keeping certain functions in Tulsa for the time being.

Bootenhoff went on to say that, at the end of May, Tulsa employees were made aware of these changes. They were also notified of their current status with the company. There is a small number of employees that will be leaving the company by the end of next week. The other employees that will be leaving the company will do so before the end of 2015.

Although Dollar Thrifty never said just how many employees will be let ago, employees who wish to remain unnamed said that some 120 workers are going to be let go. Despite this rumour, Bootenhoff made it clear that Dollar Thrifty has in no way announced what the staffing level will be.

What is known is the fact that Dollar Thrifty has around 600 employees left at its corporate headquarters in Tulsa. This number is down from the 780 it had around December of last year. It is likely that its numbers may fall to below 500 as the company makes its way to Florida.

Hertz hopes to have everyone moved to its corporate campus in Florida by the year 2015. Hertz also pointed out that, despite the fact that it is moving people out of Tulsa, it still has a presence there. Currently, Hertz only has 22 employees that work at its rental counter at Tulsa International Airport.

One thing is for sure, this merger could change the face of the rental car industry. Not only that, but moving so many workers out of Tulsa will be bad for that area’s economy. If there is one place that benefits from this move, it is Florida. The building that Hertz and Dollar Thrifty are moving into is located in Ostero, Florida. It is a 300,000-square-foot building. Hertz believes that having both headquarters in the same area will really help the two companies work together.



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