Driverless Cars Approved for British Roads in First Ever Trial

Driverless CarThe UK is often known as a leader in innovation. This title holds true again thanks to a new trial approved by the government, which will see cars without drivers take to the roads. If this trial is successful, the people of the UK will soon see that they no longer need driving licences. Their cars will do the driving for them.

Ministers say that women in the UK are going to benefit the most because nearly one-third of them do not have a valid driving licence. Among men, however, only one out of every seven don’t have a driving licence. This is not to say that others won’t benefit from this new trial. The idea is that many disabled people would finally be able to enjoy the open road again. Some experts say that children could even get a ride to school without an adult there to take them. Once delivered, the car would return home on its own. This may soon be the future of driving.

Claire Perry, the current transport minister, said that she has a vision of a school-run driverless car. This is a car in which parents could safely put their kids and that would drop them off at and pick them up from school on time. It’s great for working parents.

These trials were announced on Wednesday after nearly six months of safety and legal issues that had to be overcome before the trial could take place. After the testing, experts said that there was no red tape as to why the trial couldn’t move forward.

While this may seem sci-fi-ish, it uses technology that many modern vehicles already have. Cars with computers and sensors that allow the vehicles to park, brake automatically or maintain a lane is the same technology that driverless cars will use to drive. It is known as intelligent cruise control, and experts are looking to take this to a new level.

Experts involved with the projected say that this will be a huge leap forward for women. One insider noted that, during a study, it was found that around 31 percent of women in the UK do not drive at all. A lot of people around the world find it hard to even imagine a world in which they couldn’t use a car. For many women in the UK, however, this is an everyday thing.



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