Drivers in the UK Are Being Targeted Unfairly by Bounty Hunters

Parking TicketAccording to new information being released by the Ministry of Justice, more than 100,000 drivers are registered as having driving debts on their record. The problem is, however, that most of these drivers do not even know that they have driving debts to pay. This is because most of these debts are tied to the cars and not the drivers. So when someone buys a used car, they may be buying some unpaid fines as well.

Consumer groups say that drivers are being left to deal with bounty hunters who are looking to collect on these unpaid fines. These bounty hunters are driving vans and trucks all over the UK with automatic number plate technology mounted on them. They take pictures of the cars that are driving around the UK with unpaid fines, and the information is uploaded to the authorities.

The main problem is that a lot of these drivers are being punished or pursued for fines that they are not responsible for or fines that they do not even know about. For example, if someone has just recently moved or bought a car that has an unpaid ticket, they are being pursued and might not even know it.

Ever since this new bounty hunter tactic has been used, motoring fines at the Northampton County Court have jumped by more than 50 percent. In short, this means that a simple parking fine in London now may cost someone £195. This is a lot of money during a time when families are struggling to even pay their energy bills. Typically, someone would just say to not do the crime if that person can’t pay the fine, but in this case, someone people are being punished for crimes they didn’t commit.

A spokesman for AA said that these are real problems right now in the UK. He went on to say that it is extremely disappointing to see people in the UK targeted in an endless cycle of threats from debt collectors. Despite this, councils in the UK just seem to ignore the real problem at hand.

Of course, it is not just the bounty hunters in the UK that are a problem for motorists; insurance rates are also a problem. Getting a car insured in the UK costs a lot of money. This doubles if it is a teen that is trying to get car insurance. These high rates are pricing people right out of the car market. To make matters even worse, it does not look as if these high rates are going to come down anytime soon.

These high insurance rates are not just hitting the private market, but they are hitting the commercial market as well. For example, industries where insurance plays a huge role in the market are being hit hard as well. This includes the car rental market. Less people are renting cars in the UK because they cannot afford insurance. The ones who are renting cars are, of course, choosing not to get insurance on their rentals, which is a huge mistake.



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