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E-Car Club Is the Latest Company to Enter the Car-sharing Market

E-Car Club logoCar sharing has become very popular as of late. Most car rental experts say that this is a natural response to the rising cost of owning a car. Petrol prices and car maintenance is extremely expensive. People now see that it is cheaper to rent a car when they need it. The easiest and cheapest way to do that is to join a car club. This not only keeps individuals from having to own a car, but it also cuts down on the number of cars found on the road.

The idea of car sharing is something that has been around in the UK for a while. In fact, City Car Club and Zipcar pioneered this idea in the United Kingdom a few years ago. Thanks to companies like these, there are more than 3,000 shared cars in the country. This has led to car rental companies, such as Hertz, to launch their own car sharing schemes to keep up with the changing times.

Now, there is yet another company joining the fight. This new company is called E-Car Club, and it has already been trialled in Luton and Milton Keynes. The thing that is special about E-Car Club is the fact that it deals with only electric cars. The service is proving to be popular because people do not have to pay for petrol when renting. Considering that most people drive less than 50 miles per trip, electric cars fit this kind of scheme perfectly.

Other car-sharing companies use electric cars as well. For example, Hertz’s car-sharing program includes the ability to rent the Nissan LEAD and even the Mitsubishi iMiEV. That being said, E-Car is the very first in the United Kingdom to operate purely on electric cars. These cars can be rented for just £5.50 an hour. This makes the service perfect not only for residential customers but businesses as well.

Christopher Morris, the co-founder and current director of E-Car Club, said that the company has teamed up with Poplar HARCA. This is a landlord that currently owns around 9,000 homes in the area where it is launching E-Car Club. The idea is to use these homes to promote this new business. If everything goes well, it hopes to expand nationwide.

Morris added that E-Car Club very strongly believes that this scheme is something that can help reduce emissions in the United Kingdom. Therefore, it can help improve the overall quality of the air that everyone breathes. It can also help reduce congestion on the roadways.

To start with, E-Car Club will not be as big as Zipcar, but this is because E-Car Club uses a different business model. The company hopes to start small and expand from there. To start with, it will have just 20 cars across Luton, Poplar and Milton Keynes. It hopes to have over 100 cars by the end of next year.



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