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Easter Holidaymakers Will Travel Easier Thanks to Halt of 98 Percent of Roadwork

UK TrafficAccording to the Highways Agency, holidaymakers this Easter will travel easier than last year. This is because the Highways Agency plans to clear out 7 of 10 roadwork sets. The goal is to help reduce congestion as much as possible for this bank holiday.

The Highways Agency said that not all of these projects will be complete but work will be halted either way. The group said that at least 150 miles of roadwork will be finished by April 17. By April 22, nearly 165 miles of roadwork will be suspended. This should help keep traffic moving freely as people travel for the Easter holiday.

Total, around 60 sets of roadwork are going to be complete before the Easter break even starts. That being said, around 33 sets of roadwork are just going to be halted during the Easter break. This means that there will not be lane restrictions like normal in these construction areas. Once the Easter holiday is over, these suspended road projects will return.

The traffic management director for the Highways Agency, Simon Sheldon-Wilson, said that the group is in the middle of investing a record-setting number of improvements to the roadways in the UK. These improvements are, of course, going to cause disruptions until they are complete. To help make sure that Easter is a very enjoyable time, the Highways Agency is going to lift as much roadwork as possible. By lifting this roadwork during the peak Easter holiday travel time, the agency is sure that it can minimise a lot of unneeded delays. The agency will continue to lift roadwork during all peak travel holidays. In total, there will be over 300 miles of roadwork that is either suspended or completed.

Sheldon-Wilson added that people need to remember, before heading out for Easter travel, to plan their trips. The best way to do this is to use the wide variety of transport information services that the Highways Agency provides to the public. By doing this, people can ensure that their holidays run as efficient as possible this Easter.

According to figures from past years, the Thursday evening before Easter and Easter Money are the busiest times to travel. This is especially true for people who are travelling on main holiday routes. These roads are busy as people travel to their destinations and then as people return home from their journeys.

Highways Agency officers are also going to be out in full force this holiday. Their goal will be to deal with any problems that arise to ensure that traffic continues to move freely.  The officers will also be checking traffic conditions and reporting back to the Highways Agency. All of the updates can be found on the Highways Agency’s website.



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