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Easter Travel Chaos Slams the UK as Eurostar Is Forced to Cancel Trains

Motorway TrafficThis past weekend was nothing but travel chaos for thousands of people who were travelling for the Easter holiday. According to reports, the problems all started after Eurostar was forced to cancel six trains as a result of two separate incidents. The ending result left many without the means to travel. The ones who decided to go by car were met with nothing but delays due to an accident on the M1 that caused over 40 minutes of delays.

Nearly 3 million people were going to be travelling for Easter break within the UK. About 1.6 million said that they would leave the UK and holiday abroad. In total, that left just over 4.6 million people travelling during this Easter break.

On the rail side of things, six trains were cancelled on Thursday night by Eurostar. The passengers who were hoping to travel on these trains were delayed with long queues as they tried to find a seat on other trains. The problem was that most of these trains were already full as well. Eurostar said that by Friday afternoon, everything had returned to normal.

That being said, some of the people who were going to travel Thursday night decided that they would go by car instead. Unfortunately, the roadways were not much better for drivers who faced long delays. The biggest problem was seen on the M1 after two HGVs crashed. This caused police to close down the southbound lanes of the highway until late afternoon. The line of traffic that was built up on the M1 went on for miles.

There was also a lot of congestion on the A303 and the M5. Some of these roadways saw delays that reached up to two hours. The Highways Agency said that these roads were so packed because they are the main routes that everyone takes to places such as Cornwall and Devon.

As the day went on Thursday, more and more reports came in of traffic backups. According to the Highways Agency, there was at least 40 to 60 minutes of traffic on the A120, A35, A27, A14, A12, A11 and A1. Unfortunately, some of the rail passengers were caught up in these delays too as Eurostar offered stranded passengers replacement bus services.

Another reason why so many people were travelling this weekend was because of the dry weather the UK had. People wanted to travel before the rain hit on Easter Sunday. A lot of the seaside areas were especially busy as a result. A number of Brits, despite the cool temperatures wore t-shirts and shorts.

Although most people made it to their holiday spots in one piece, they will have to deal with even more travel chaos on the way home. The Highway Agency wants to remind all Brits to take their time and leave early to avoid rushing when returning home from their holidays.



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