EasyJet Strikes Out Against eDreams and Its Misleading Prices

easyJet PlaneAt some point or another, every airline has been accused of misleading consumers. EasyJet is no different. However, now that the shoe is on the other foot, easyJet does not like the idea of other airlines misleading consumers. In fact, the airline has just recently accused eDreams of misleading consumers with low prices, only to hit them with extra charges later on. EasyJet says that this is a practice that is bad for the whole industry.

The marketing chief for easyJet, Peter Duffy, said that this is a huge problem with eDreams. He said that the final fares quoted by eDreams are much higher than what they advertise. At times, its final quote is close to 60 percent more expensive than the same ticket with easyJet. Unfortunately, consumers don’t know this because eDreams is misleading them with low advertised prices.

This is something that the Civil Aviation Authority does not take lightly. In fact, the Civil Aviation Authority said that they are now going to look into the booking practices of eDreams due to the complaints of easyJet. At the time of this writing, eDreams could not be reached for a comment.

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority said that it is now considering the concerns of other airlines. This is all part of its work to make sure that travel companies are complying with consumer laws. It would be unfair if not all airlines were complying with these set standards.

So just how does eDreams go about setting its prices? According to easyet, it checks out other low cost airlines’ websites without authorization, and then undercuts those prices with misleading pricing techniques. In the end, however, consumers end up paying nearly double what they actually would have paid if they had booked with another airline like easyJet.

To make matters worse, easyJet believes that this has been going on for a while. So long, in fact, that easyJet believes that at least 300,000 people may have booked with eDreams and been misled into doing so. This is the amount of passengers it has misled just between October of last year to March of this year.

According to easyJet, they just want passengers to know what they are really getting for their money. Of course, the real reason why easyJet is bringing this up is because these misleading ads are cutting into its profits. Although it is correct in the fact that airlines should not mislead consumers, easyJet is not just pointing this out to be nice.

Richard Lloyd, who is actually the executive director of Which?, says that companies have to comply with all consumer laws that are in place. They are in place for a reason. In the end, no airline should be misleading people with low-price ads only to add on tons of charges at the end of the booking process. If an airline is accused of doing this, it can rest assured that it is going to get investigated by different authority groups every time. This goes double since the Office of Fair Trading and Trading Standards Institute have started to crack down on all companies, not just airlines, that are breaking the law.



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