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Enterprise Brands Charge Less for Fuel

Enterprise Holdings & Car Rental Brand LogosWith spring and Memorial Day weekend (a busy travel period) coming up in the US next month, many travellers will be shocked when they go to return their car rentals if the vehicle goes back with less than a full tank of petrol. However, Enterprise Holdings’ car rental brands – Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rental – will be giving customers a better deal.

Fuel prices have been steadily increasing over the last few months, topping a national average of $3.90 per gallon. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), aka Triple A, this is around a 16% rise since January. This is already bad enough, but car hire companies charge more than the average price of petrol if customers don’t return their vehicle with a full tank. These fees can be excessive at many companies, but Enterprise Holdings’ brands will be charging almost $4 a gallon less in some cases.

The current refueling cost for customers to return a vehicle without a full tank of petrol at Enterprise, Alamo and National ranges from $5.64-$6.39 per gallon. These figures depend on the average retail fuel price in the specific rental office areas. It’s based on the price of local-market, self-serve petrol, and the mark-up doesn’t go over 50%. Additionally, the most that the mark-up can be is capped at $2 a gallon. However, Enterprise, Alamo and National customers can choose to prepay for a full tank for a discount or return the vehicle after refilling the tank themselves.

Enterprise Holdings’ car rental portfolio has a well-founded reputation in relation to this consumer issue and continues offering several competitively priced options for customers to refuel their rental vehicle at its airport locations. In fact, the Attorney General’s Office in Maryland announced agreements several years ago with other car hire operators to bring their refueling prices more in line with those at these Enterprise Holdings brands. Media said at the time that Enterprise, Alamo and National’s practices were a model in establishing refuelling rates.

According to data collected by Enterprise, Alamo and National last month, their average car rental refuelling fees at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport were much lower than their competitors’. While Enterprise charged $5.83 and Alamo/National charged $5.91, Avis Budget was charging $7, Hertz $7.86 and Dollar Thrifty $8.99. At Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the Enterprise Holdings brands charged $5.72 (Enterprise) and $5.80 (Alamo/National), while Avis Budget charged $7.99, Hertz $7.78 and Dollar Thrifty $8.99. Refuelling charges at Denver International Airport were $5.63 at Enterprise and $5.70 at Alamo/National, but $9.29 at Avis Budget and Hertz and $8.79 at Dollar Thrifty. These are only three examples of their lower refuelling fees.

Enterprise Holdings’ North American senior vice president of operations for the brands, Matt Darrah, says that they offer market-based, fair refuelling fees, with a cap on the mark-up to retail prices at the pump. They have a transparent and straightforward policy that gives consumers another reason to choose Enterprise, Alamo or National when their travel plans call for car hire. He also noted that the three brands review local fuel prices four times a week, and if the prices change by three cents or more, they adjust their fuel prices accordingly.




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