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Enterprise Holdings Plans to Hire 11,000 Workers by Next Year

Enterprise Staff Posing in front of OfficeAlthough the travel industry has not been as strong this year as it has been in the past, Enterprise Holdings seems to be doing pretty well for itself. So well, in fact, that it plans to hire more than 11,000 new workers by next year. The car rental giant says that these new workers could all be hired by the middle of next year, which is not a lot of time to hire so many workers.

According to Enterprise, these new workers will be hired due to the success it has seen with all of the car rental companies that are under its umbrella. If all goes according to plan, the company will hire all of these workers by July 31. Right now, Enterprise is already the largest car rental firm in the world. Hiring 11,000 more workers will just further prove this point.

The vice president of talent acquisition at Enterprise, Marie Artim, said that the company’s payroll will jump to more than 80,000 after hiring these new workers. This is possible because the revenue of Enterprise has actually doubled during the last 10 years. Overall, it believes that this is an exciting time for the company. Artim added that since the company is family owned, it can think about long-term strategies.

More than 8,500 of these new workers will be hired as management trainees. A lot of the workers that are hired for these spots will be college graduates. That being said, Enterprise said that it will also be hiring workers to fill other positions in administration, support and technology roles. The company will also hire at least 1,500 interns. Usually, about half of the people who become interns become full-time employees. It will be interesting to see if this percentage holds true after hiring so many interns.

Currently, Enterprise has nearly 1.3 million vehicles that are spread out between 8,200 stores around the world. Around 5,500 off these stores are located in neighborhoods. The rest of its stores are found in airports around the world.

So why is Enterprise hiring all of these new workers? According to Artim, nearly 11,000 people at the company get promoted. Thus, these positions now need to be replaced. It wants to make sure that it hires great new worker because it typically promotes from inside its own ranks. It is very rare that it hires someone from outside the company for a high-ranking position. This company still believes in working your way up the ladder.

Enterprise released a public statement saying that it believes that its management trainee program is very critical for its success. To start with, trainees usually earn around $30,000 to $35,000 a year. They, of course, get a raise as they continue to move up the corporate ladder.

Artim said that she started out in the management trainee program. It is where most of the company’s senior management started. People who do well in the management trainee program work their way up the ladder. Enterprise believes in promoting people who do their jobs well.



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