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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Helps Make Travel More Affordable This Summer

Enterprise Holdings & Car Rental Brand LogosThe summer season is always a big one for the travel and tourism sector. Kids get out of school, and families want to hit the road to enjoy their summer holiday. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has announced that it is going to help make this popular travel season more affordable for all. It will do this by offering cheap car rentals and low refuelling fees at major airports in the United States. This is great news for Brits who are considering travelling to the United States this summer for a little fun in the sun.

Of course, Enterprise Rent-A-Car points out that people should expect this from the company. Since 2009, it has only increased its average basic rental rate by $1.55 a day at most airports. On top of this, Enterprise Holdings said that when people rent from any one of its three major brands, they will enjoy a fair, market-based refuelling fee.

Consumers have the right to return their cars to the airport with a full tank or to pay a refuelling fee. Consumers can even prepay for a tank of fuel at a reduced rate before they leave with their rental. The people who choose to prepay for their fuel will enjoy getting their tank replenished at a very competitive rate. This is very different from other car rental companies that charge higher prices to refuel tanks for consumers.

Enterprise Holdings added that the markup for convenience has a cap of $2 a gallon. This $2 cap is the reason why the company leads the car hire industry with the cheapest refuelling fees. This is why it has been able to establish a great track record when it comes to refuelling fees. The Maryland Attorney General’s Office announced in 2008 that it would get with other hire car operators to reduce their refuelling prices in line with Enterprise Holdings. The cap that Enterprise Holdings had on its refuelling fee was considered a model that everyone should use.

The chief marketing officer of Enterprise Holdings, Pat Farrell, said during a keynote speech at last year’s Car Rental Show that the car hire industry needs to meet people‚Äôs vital needs. There is a very true purpose and honour in which the car hire industry fulfils. The way that people drive will continue to change as the industry moves forward. However, the success of the industry will come down to how it treats its customers.

The refuelling charges for Enterprise Holdings brands depend on the average retail price of fuel in the surrounding area in which the car rental branch is located. If the price in the surrounding area increases or decreases by more than 3 cents, Enterprise Holdings changes its price.



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