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Enterprise Rent-a-Car Newspaper Ad Mistakenly Offers Oral Sex to Consumers

Enterprise rental carThe travel industry is getting back on its feet, and with it, many companies are starting to advertise again. This is great for some media sources, like newspapers, which have seen a decline in popularity. The only thing that could ruin such a relationship between a company and the source it is advertising with is a bad ad. Unfortunately, that is just what happened to Enterprise Rent-a-Car after advertising in a local newspaper.

The Pembrokeshire Herald has recently gotten the local police involved after someone at the newspaper sabotaged an Enterprise Rent-a-Car ad by claiming that Enterprise will offer its customers oral sex. To make matters even worse, the ad was printed and released. This newspaper has been apologizing to all of its readers and to Enterprise Rent-a-Car for the mix up. The Pembrokeshire Herald said that it has already called the police and plans to get to the bottom of whoever printed this obscenity.

The newspaper ad read, “Free pick-up from your home, office or repair shop, and c*** s******.” The paper claims that the page must have been altered after it had officially signed off on its release. Before a paper can be released to the public, the whole thing is looked over by the editorial team. They believe that this paper was changed after the editorial team gave the okay for it to be published.

The good news is that the added text was spotted. The bad news is that the newspaper had already released more than 20,000 copies of the paper, which had already been sent to supermarkets and newsagents across the city.

Of course, it was not all bad news for the newspaper. Tom Sinclair, a publisher, said that this paper actually sold a record number for the Pembrokeshire Herald. This had to do with the fact that people were trying very hard to get a copy of it before it got pulled off the shelves. For example, Tesco said that it ran out of the newspaper, and it had received more than 600 copies. Right now, the sales are not final yet. However, it is safe to say that people are doing all they can to find any remaining copies. One would think that this effect might have been the opposite of what the saboteurs would have wanted. Instead of making Enterprise look bad or making the newspaper look bad, they drew more attention to them.

A spokesman for the local police department, Dyfed Powys, said that they are well aware of the incident. Despite this, the police are currently waiting to receive some kind of letter from the newspaper’s publisher. After receiving this letter, the police will decide if they are going to continue with the investigation or not.

So this leaves one question unanswered: How does Enterprise feel about all of this? Unfortunately, no one has been able to reach Enterprise for a comment on the situation. One would think, however, that Enterprise cannot be too upset about this. The ad has done nothing more than draw attention to the company, and there is no such thing as bad publicity.



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