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Enterprise Talks Sustainable Mobility

Enterprise Holdings Brand LogosEnterprise Holdings chairman and chief executive Andrew C. Taylor addressed the Corporate Eco Forum on Tuesday to send a clear message. This was that the success or failure of the future viability of passenger vehicles and their ability to meet the needs of the public will be determined by consumers and the marketplace.

Taylor noted the car hire group’s attempt to advance the adoption of E85 fuel several years ago by shifting almost 30% of its fleet to using the fuel. This programme unfortunately saw little response from consumers and failed in the end – partially due to the small number of E85 fuelling stations. This showed them that an alternative product will fail under its own weight if there isn’t sufficient interest or incentive to support it, he said.

Taylor recounted Enterprise Holdings’ experience to reinforce the challenges the industry faces with electric vehicles being accepted by the public and the need to ensure that the cars’ features and a charging infrastructure meets consumers’ mobility needs. He says there’s no one solution, special option or individual provider to meet every transport challenge the world is facing. It will take a lot of trial and error, patience and time.

However, he expressed the group’s commitment to meeting those challenges, saying that their age-old principle of supporting local communities and neighbourhoods where they are located has evolved into a bigger and more worldwide responsibility. They aim to play a role in helping the world find the right solutions for growing transport concerns. They are in a unique position to help determine and provide the best solutions for future generations.

Taylor continued that Enterprise Holdings has the capacity to deliver the perfect channel to introduce, test and socialise new vehicles and other innovations in transportation. They will help ensure that the best solutions prove themselves in a free market setting. Ultimately, however, the marketplace will determine the best with a positive response to the options that best meet the needs of consumers in terms of economics, performance and logistics.

One of the local mobility solutions they will bring to the market soon is a Driving Futures Network. This will be a group of car hire branches that offer customers a bigger hybrid and electric vehicle fleet in over 30 markets throughout the country. Taylor says that this network will help customers understand and accept these transport solutions through promotion. They see this as a very effective way to socialise sustainable mobility alternatives, like electric cars. For example, he pointed to his company’s collaborative approach to broaden discussions about transport issues and help communities identify and introduce sustainable policies and programmes.

Taylor also talked about hourly car sharing having a role in the urban mobility equation. At Enterprise, they already have the scale and structure to introduce car sharing in basically every urban market. This is one more way the group is committed to offering alternatives that meet consumers’ needs, as well as makes good sense for the business. The mobility problems facing the world now are more complex than ever, and every transport industry shareholder has a role to play in fixing them. It will take continued cooperation, investment and sharing of ideas to accomplish this, he added.




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