Etihad Airways Introduces Flying Nannies

Etihad Airways PlaneIt is no secret anymore what bothers people on flights the most, and that is noisy kids. Businessmen and leisure travellers alike have both admitted that they hate flying on flights with kids. Since getting all of this feedback, airlines have been on the hunt for a fix to this problem. Airlines are coming up with a number of ideas. For example, Scott Airlines came up with “children free” zones on its planes. It also came up with “Nanny in the Clouds.” This is a program that lets parents connect with babysitters who are travelling on the same plane. Now, however, Etihad Airways has taken this idea a step further.

Etihad Airways has announced a new service called “Flying Nannies.” In short, this is a service that allows parents to put their kids in the care of trained professionals who are specially trained to help entertain kids during long-haul flights. After all, the best way to keep a child quite is to keep them happy. Now, parents can focus on getting some sleep or doing work while their kids are entertained by others. It might sound too good to be true, but it is a service that Etihad Airways plans to use.

The vice president of guest services for Etihad Airways, Aubrey Tiedt, said that its new service called “Flying Nannies” will help out parents who are travelling with little ones. These experts will be able to use their travel experience and knowledge to ensure that everyone on the flight has a great experience. These nannies will be used to help serve meals to kids and even offer activities for kids to do to keep them occupied during the flight. This is a service that not only parents will love but other passengers as well.

According to Etihad Airways, these nannies will interact with kids in different ways. This includes everything from making arts and crafts with the kids to performing magic tricks. Older kids will be entertained by taking part in quizzes and even taking tours of the plane. That being said, they are not allowed to change the diapers of the younger kids in the bathroom. This is due to legalities and safety issues.

All of the nannies are female, and they have all had nanny training, which is offered at Norland College. This training covers everything from child development to the study of child psychology.  These specialists are trained to spot problems before they happen and identify what the problem is based on behaviour.

This is not a service that Etihad Airways is going to take lightly. In fact, the company plans on bringing on at least 500 flying nannies. Three hundred of these nannies have already been trained and are working on being included in the airline’s staff. Two hundred more are being trained and should be active by the end of the year.

This service has a lot of potential, but no one knows how it is going to work out. After all, this is the first time that anything like this has ever been attempted. It will be interesting, however, to see what other airlines follow suit.



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