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EuroMillions Jackpot Grows to the Biggest UK Prize Ever

EuroMillions LogoCurrently the EuroMillions jackpot has grown to an amazing £166 million. This means that if one person was to win the jackpot, then they would become the 418th richest person in the whole country. Due to the size of this jackpot, officials from the EuroMillions are urging everyone to check their tickets to see if they have won.

Although it would seem like the EuroMillions would not have to remind people to check their tickets, according to reports, winning tickets have gone unclaimed before. After so much time passes, winning tickets become void and the holder of that ticket missed out on a big payday.

EuroMillions has noted that, due to so many rollovers, the major jackpot has been capped at the £166 million mark. However, they also pointed out that this means that the prizes in the tiers below the main jackpot are now worth more than usual.

So far, no one has been able to win this big jackpot. However, two UK ticket holders were able to pull in a cool £3.3 million each for matching five numbers and one lucky star. As said earlier, their prize was boosted due to the fact that the jackpot has been capped. With the extra money rolling down to the lower tiers, even people who are not able to match all of the numbers are winning big.

Of course, the fact that the main jackpot is so big has not gone unnoticed in the UK. In fact, reports suggest that lottery operators saw sales of the famous £2 tickets hit about 3 million an hour. These high sales are expected until someone finally claims the big prize.

A spokeswoman for the National Lottery, said that this massive £166 million jackpot is still waiting to be won. All eyes from around the country are focusing on the next drawing. On top of this, the chances to win a “life changing prize” has increased due to the rollover. This means that several UK millionaires could be created during the next drawings.

Of course, EuroMillions has been doing more than just getting people to buy tickets. Due to this rollover, the National Lottery has been able to generate an amazing £100 million to be donated to charities across the country.

According to experts, if one player is to win the big jackpot, then it would be the biggest lottery winner in all of Europe. Not only that, but they would be the 418th richest person in the UK, meaning that they would actually be better off than the Beckhams. According to the Coutts bank, if people were to invest this sum of money it would actually make them £9,323 a day on interest, meaning that they would earn about £3.4 million a year.



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