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Eurostar Forced to Cancel Services After Eurotunnel Breakdown

Eurostar Emerging from Eurotunnel's Channel TunnelThere are a lot of people travelling this summer amid great weather. With the economy turning around, people finally have the money to travel again. That being said, it is not always smooth sailing. In fact, there were a number of delays to travel over the weekend. One of the biggest was in the Eurotunnel, where a Eurostar train broke down and nearly 400 people were forced to evacuate. There were even four dogs that got caught up on the mess.

According to reports, a train that was travelling from the UK to France in the Eurotunnel broke down. Eurostar said that the train made it about a quarter of the way through the nearly 30-mile tunnel. This put the train at only about 7 miles in before it had engine trouble.

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle posted a tweet on Twitter about the issue. It said that there were delays to passenger services. These delays came after there was a technical problem with one of the overhead power lines in the tunnel. It advised all travellers to avoid travelling on its Eurotunnel services until after the weekend.

The people who were on the shuttle that got stuck had to be evacuated to another train. In total, there were 382 people and four dogs on the locomotive. They were evacuated around 7:30 a.m. Eurostar then said that it had to cancel at least four of other services as a result of the breakdown. All passengers who were not able to postpone their travels were told to expect long delays. In some cases, people ended up waiting a full day anyway.

When speaking about this latest mishap later, Eurostar said that there was a breakdown in the Eurotunnel. If any passengers do not have essential travel over the weekend, they should exchange their tickets with Eurostar free of charge for travel on a different day. The company will let people change their travel dates up to four months. For people who cannot wait, they can get a refund on their tickets since the service was cancelled.

For most, rail is the quickest way to travel to a holiday destination that is not far away. The verdict is still out if it’s worth travelling by rail when the holiday destination is considered a medium haul. This is because, if a train breaks down, customers can expect significant delays. This goes double if they break down in the Eurotunnel. Airlines are still considered the best for long-haul trips.



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