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Expedia Flip Flop Report Reveals Common Beach Attire for Different Countries

Expedia LogoEveryone loves going to the beach. When people think of a fun summer holiday, this is typically one of the first places that comes to mind. That being said, everyone enjoys the beach in different ways. Some like to get in the water while others just like to lay out. Even the things that people like to wear to the beach are different. Some like to bear it all, while others like to stay covered. Expedia has found out which countries are most likely to visit the beach in their birthday suits and which ones like to stay a bit more covered up.

This year’s annual Flip Flop Report has been released by Expedia. This report is used to survey beach visitors and what their behavior is like when they visit the beach. According to Expedia, more than 8,600 people from around the world took part in this survey. This includes people from the Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

First off, the survey found that most of the people who responded to the survey preferred beach holidays over any other type of vacation. Of course, people in Japan, Singapore and France preferred sightseeing more than beach holidays. People from New Zealand preferred visiting family and friends on their days off.

So what country is most likely to bear it all when they go to the beach? Just like last year, people from Germany are the most likely to go topless in public. The report shows that some 17 percent of all Germans who took part in the survey said that they were likely to sunbathe in the nude when on a public beach.

Despite what some people may think about people from France, the French are actually the least likely of all Europeans to go topless at the beach. People from Canada also proved to be pretty free-spirited as 15 percent of Canadians admitted that they like to sunbathe in the nude. Americans were nearly half as likely to sunbathe topless, at only 8 percent. When it comes to going to beaches and stripping down, Japanese, Malaysians, Indians and South Koreans are the least likely to do so.

What about wearing a Speedo? Well, apparently Speedos are not very popular in every country besides France. This tiny swimsuit for men is not even very accepted in most countries. In America for example, only half of the Americans who took the survey said that they even consider a Speedo acceptable. This number gets even worse for countries like Norway and Japan. However, 91 percent of people from France think that Speedos are acceptable.

When people were asked what they like to do on the beach, the results were very mixed. Nearly 78 percent of Americans said that they prefer just walking on the beach. This was followed by people-watching, swimming and sunbathing. Also, Americans are the most likely to buy a new swimsuit every year. On top of this, 26 percent of Americans who took the survey said that they go on a diet before hitting the beach, and 13 percent like to get waxed.



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