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Expedia to Launch New Campaign in the UK on June 3

Expedia LogoExpedia has just come up with a new travel campaign, and it is promoting it like crazy. This new campaign actually asks the people to “Travel Yourself Interesting.” According to this online booking site, the campaign is set to launch in the UK on June 3. It is also believed that this campaign will be run in other areas of the world.

The campaign itself will start on June 3, and it will run until the end of July. People will see this campaign not only on TV but in press, social media sites and online advertisements. No ads have been seen as of yet, but Expedia says the ads will features underdog characters who finally become the centre of attention. They do this by “travelling themselves interesting.”

The Chief Creative Officer for Ogilvy and Mather London, Gerry Human, said that he thinks this is a very brave campaign to run. On that same note, he also believes it is a very smart one for Expedia to promote. In order to set itself apart from others in the travel industry, Expedia has to avoid all the normal cliché travel advertisements. People have seen these before, and they are no longer working. He also believes that the world may actually be a better place if people actually do become more interesting. If travel is all it takes, it is a small price to pay.

Each ad will go about promoting this new campaign in a different way. For example, print ads are going to be used to help promote all of the interesting and sometimes quirky things that people learn while they are travelling. On social media sites, Expeida is hoping to get people to share their stories with others. They are hoping that, by sharing these stories, it will inspire others to travel as well.

The Senior Marketing Director at Expedia, Andrew Warner, said that people love to travel. When they return home from travelling, they have usually learned something new. They have either learned something about a new place or something new about themselves. This is what makes travelling so great. When people get back from their travels, they have gained new knowledge that they want to share with their family and friends. Expedia is hoping to capture that feeling in an advertisement.

Warner added that Expedia sees travel as more of an investment than a luxury. So just like with investments, the value that one receives from it really depends on making the right choice. This is something that Expedia believes it can help with.

In the end, the best marketing campaigns are the ones that most people can relate to. For Expedia, they feel that getting people to reflect back on their travels will make them want to do it again. This may actually be a great campaign because most people have travelled at some point in their lives. Thus, they are reaching out to a huge number of people with this campaign.



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