Experts believe that pollution from the aviation industry can only be stabilized with carbon emission taxes

Airline EmissionsExperts now believe that pollution from the aviation industry can only be stabilized if they put a “price” on the carbon emissions put off by airlines. This is not something that just needs to be done in Europe, but around the world. These experts go on to say that the hope of completely taking control of carbon emissions with new technology and bio-fuels is no longer possible.

Of course, the idea of charging airline’s for the carbon emissions they emit when flying over the European Union is not a new concept. In fact, the first law that the European Commission placed on airlines was so unpopular with countries around the world that they had to place a year-long freeze on the law. However, it now seems as if the European Commission has no plans to scrap this law. Actually, they believe that other areas of the world should also launch such a scheme.

The International Civil Aviation Organization has been hard at work trying to come up with an alternative to the European Union scheme. However, it is unlikely that a new law that taxes airlines for emissions is going to be any more successful than what the European Union came up with.

Either way, a new report that was published this week by Manchester Metropolitan University, shows that the only significant way to impact carbon emissions is to charge airlines for the amount of emissions they put out – much in the same way the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme works. The research says that all of the proposed technological improvements, the use of bio-fuels and even a new, streamlined takeoff and landing procedure would not be enough to significantly cut down on carbon emissions.

David Lee, who was the professor at the university that led this research, said that he thinks the research sends out a very clear message. The world needs to find a way to reduce its emissions. What this research highlights is the fact that the world has a lot to gain from finding a way to reduce emissions.

When it comes to carbon emissions, Lee knows what he is taking about. In fact, Lee has worked with a specialist group from the International Civil Aviation Organization. This group was tasked with the job of trying to tackle aviation pollution. Not only that, but he has worked with the UK’s Department of Transport on aviation. Here he tackled air quality issues.

The truth of the matter is simple. Something needs to be done about carbon emissions in the aviation industry. The problem is that no country or airline wants to make the changes that are necessary. Although there are some industries that are willing to change, most of them are not willing to change fast enough to bring about the changes that are needed. It is going to take a lot of investment, and that is something the aviation industry is lacking. Either way, if a deal is not made, the European Union will just reinstate their law after the year freeze is over. This could cause some airlines to stop flying to the European Union.



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