Facebook Losing Members from UK, US, and Canada

Facebook LogoWhen people think about the biggest social networking site on the net, most people think of Facebook. Sure there are other big name social networking sites out there, like Twitter, but Facebook is top dog right now. In fact, recent reports show that Facebook is close to reaching 700 million subscribers. At the same time, it also looks like Facebook is also reaching its capacity.

Typically speaking, things can only grow so big before they come crashing back down. This could be the case for Facebook as well. Although the site has been enjoying amazing growth over the past few years, it is now starting to slow. In fact, recent reports show that Facebook actually just suffered its second consecutive month of slower than average growth.

This slower growth was not just due to the fact that fewer people were signing up for Facebook, but due to the fact that almost eight million users left the social network. Most of the users that left the site were from the United States, the UK and Canada.

Reports show that Facebook gained about 11.8 million users in May. This is being compared to the nearly 13.9 million users it gained in April. Either way, both of these numbers are significantly lower than the 20 million users that it had been adding every month for the past year.

When breaking these numbers down a bit more, people can clearly see that 100,000 UK users alone deactivated their accounts during these months. A further 1.5 million users in Canada also pulled the plug on their accounts as well.

Right now it looks like countries that were early adopters of Facebook are starting to see an increasing number of people look elsewhere for their social networking needs. Other countries like Brazil, Mexico and Thailand have been seeing an increasing number of people join Facebook. This means that Facebook may now have to start reaching out to other countries like this if they are to reach their 700 million subscriber mark.

Currently Facebook’s big aim is to get to one billion users. However, this could be a hard goal to achieve if people continue to leave the site by the millions every month. On top of that, Facebook is already banned in places like China. This is bad news for Facebook since there are so many people that they could reach out to in that country.

Sites normally can only get so big before they reach their end. Take MySpace, for example. MySpace use to be the king of the social networking sites. Now MySpace is on the decline, and it has been well overshadowed by other sites like Facebook and Twitter. This just further proves that, at some point, the mighty must fall in order to make way for bigger fish. However, it is still a bit early to predict if Facebook will go down the same road MySpace did, or if it will be able to turn things around.



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