Female Airline Workers for Qatar Airways Face Harsh Policies

Qatar Airways planeIt seems like every airline has its own set of rules and regulations as far as acceptable behaviour goes for cabin staff. However, few cabin crew members face tougher rules and regulations than female flight attendants at Qatar Airways, according to the International Transport Workers’ Federation.

Women who work for Qatar Airways can face being fired if they get pregnant before they receive permission to get married, and that’s just the start of it. This airline, which employs more than 30,000 people, and is currently the 10th-largest carrier in the world, will only hire women who are single. After being hired, these women are forced to remain single for the next five years. If they become pregnant, they have to notify the airline right away. Either way, getting pregnant is considered a breach of contract and grounds for getting fired.

Many media sources have been reaching out to Qatar Airways to respond to these allegations. That being said, the CEO, Akbar al Baker, said that he’s in favor of these policies. He said that it’s these regulations that prevent pregnant women from being able to work as cabin crew members. He also stated that not all of the women who become pregnant are fired. Many of them are simply transferred to a ground job.

Of course, it’s not just Qatar Airways that has such strict polices. Emirates, which is another large airline, has a policy that forces women who become pregnant within their first three years of working at the airline to leave their role.

When speaking about these kinds of policies, Baker said that women who come to do this job already know these polices. It’s the job of the airline to make sure that they do a good job. The airline has to make a return on its investment. As such, this is not a business in which the airline can always guarantee that someone will be given a ground job. It is also not a business in which the airline can let people stay away and not do anything for the airline while they are pregnant.

Despite this, the International Transport Workers’ Federation says it’s much worse than what Qatar Airways lets on. In fact, this group has also claimed that it has had female workers in the past who have been fired because they posted pictures of themselves to Facebook wearing a bathing suit or having a tattoo exposed. It keeps a close watch on these girls, and it’s not right. It doesn’t keep as close a watch on the male employees, why should the females be treated differently.



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