Festival of Motoring a Big Hit in Coventry

Festival of MotoringThere are a lot of bad things happening right now in the UK. Rising energy and petrol prices have everyone pulling their purse strings tighter. This means that a lot of people have not been able to go on the holiday they have been expecting. However, that does not mean that people still cannot have fun. In fact, this year’s Festival of Motoring was a big hit. The organizers said that it was the biggest turn out ever with more than 25,000 people visiting the festival over the weekend.

So why was this turnout so big? This mostly had to do with the fact that people have not been able to holiday like they were hoping this year. These people have been dying to get out and have a good time, and the Festival of Motoring was the perfect answer.

This is the second time that the Festival of Motoring has been held at Stoneleigh Park. Traditionally, it is held at the Coventry’s War Memorial Park. However, the fact that they held it in a different location did not deter people from going to the festival. In fact, it was reported that every shuttle bus in the city was maxed out as people were heading to this location.

On top of the record-breaking 25,000 people who attended the festival, there were also a record number of car clubs that attended. In total, 54 car clubs showed off all of their best cars. This includes everything from racing cars to American classics.

Gary Hall, the chairman of the Festival of Motoring organization committee, said that this event was everything that they had hoped for and more. It had never been this busy before, and they could not be prouder of what they have put together. The number of people that showed up this year doubled what was seen last year.

Hall went on to say that they are not able to count everyone who turns up for the event, but last year there were between 12,000 and 15,000 people. This year it looks like there was closer to 25,000. This was all thanks to the show that his team was able to pull together. In total, there were over 1,000 different cars that were shown off.

Of course, it was not just the Festival of Motoring that saw a big turnout. Apparently, this festival put everyone in the car-loving mode because the Coventry Transport Museum saw a huge turnout as well. Jue Eilliott, the chairman of the Coventry Transport Museum, said that this weekend was absolutely amazing. There were so many people that came into the museum. Everyone was all pumped from the festival, and they wanted to get some more face time with these amazing cars. Best of all, this is a free facility, so people are welcome to come and go as they please.

People who were in town also stopped in to the craft fair that was going on around the same time. During this festival, there was even a flyover from planes that were used in the Battle of Britain. It was a truly amazing weekend in Coventry, and it will be a time that people will not forget.



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