Firefly Rated the World’s Cheapest Airline

Firefly planePeople love to travel, but if there is one thing that everyone is looking for, it is cheap flights. To help people find out which airline offers the cheapest flights in the world, has put together a list of the most inexpensive flights.

Interestingly enough, some of the airlines that many people may have considered to be the cheapest in the world were not even able to break the top 10. A perfect example of this is no-frills, North American airline Spirit Airlines. This is one of the cheapest airlines in all of America. Many Brits that fly to America choose this airline as a way to save money. However, Spirit Airlines was number 25 on the list of cheapest airlines. If customers factor in the price for checking in luggage, Spirit Airlines did not even break the top 25.

Before getting to the airline that came in first place, it is best to talk about how came up with its list of the cheapest airlines in the world. According to the website, this list was put together based on the average price of routes. These averages are only based on one-way flights and were calculated on more than 3,220,000 flights that will operate in June 2014 or later. They do not compare prices on flights that have already departed.

Another airline that is pretty famous around the world for offering cheap flights is Southwest Airlines. This airline has made a name for itself in the United States by advertising low-cost flights and no fees for checking in bags. Despite this, the airline ranked number 30 on the list when comparing their average route prices to other airlines.

So which airline is the cheapest in the world? That airline is one that many people have never even heard of: Firefly. This carrier is actually a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines. The great thing about Firefly is that it does not just offer domestic flights. It also offers international flights to destinations such as Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. This is great because these are popular tourist spots for many Brits.

Of course, to get the cheapest flights with Firefly, people have to go into the flight not expecting to buy anything on the plane. The ticket prices for Firefly flights cover nothing but the price of the flight. Anyone who wants something to drink on the plane has to expect to pay for it.

The second cheapest airline in the world was Mexican carrier VivaAerobus. The next airlines were AirAsia, SpiceJet and FastJet respectively.



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