FireFox Creator Mozilla to Try Its Hand at Building Operating Systems for Tablets and Phones

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When people are talking about popular web browsers, it is hard not to bring up Mozilla, who is the creator of the FireFox web browser. Over the years, FireFox has proven to be one of the most popular browsers available to the general public. However, it now seems that Mozilla is not prepared to stop with just making web browsers. Now the company wants to try its hand at making operating systems for smart phones and tablets. In a nutshell, Google’s Android operating system just got some competition.

The goal is for Mozilla’s new project to “build” on the core technology that is found in Google’s Android operating system. Although this new operating system is going to use some parts of Google’s current Android system, most of it will be made up of freshly written code. Once done, the new operating system will go up against Android and other systems currently running on similar devices.

The Mozilla team went on to highlight some facts on its new system. First and foremost, the company said that the code development would be done in the open and shared with everyone as soon as it is written. The system is going to be using the Gecko engine, which is the same rendering engine that currently powers FireFox and Mozilla’s Thunderbird email program.

So what’s the whole goal of this operating system? Well, Mozilla would like to use Gecko to create applications that can run without the need for a web browser. This means it would be creating a “web centered” operating system. Mozilla went on to point out that, although it does pull some parts from Android, this is a new system that goes far beyond what Android can do. In the end, Mozilla says that this system will stack up nicely against Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 as well.

Of course, before people start getting too excited, Mozilla did admit that the project was still in its “infancy” stage, meaning that it could be some time before people ever get their hands on this operating system. However, the company did say that they have started to create some very basic software, which will act as the building blocks for this new system.

The whole point in publishing this project as it comes out is to “root” out other experts in the Mozilla community. These experts can help to “encourage” Mozilla to push this operating system in the right direction. Thus, it will be an operating system designed by the people, for the people. Mozilla says they have set their sights very high with this project. The project will show others how “open source” should be done. The overall goal will be to break the “stranglehold” that current technology has on the mobile world.



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