Five-star Hotel Valet Crashes a Guests Lamborghini Gallardo Into a Wall

Le Meridian Lamborghini CrashWhen staying at a five-star hotel, there are certain perks that guests get to enjoy. They are, after all, spending a lot of money to stay at such a fine hotel. The last thing that a guest wants to hear is that his expensive sports car was crashed by the very staff that is trying to make his stay pleasant. Unfortunately, that is just what happened at the Le Meridian hotel.

This New Delhi hotel receives some of the wealthiest people in the world. Seeing expensive sports cars just comes with working there. However, one valet proved that he was only good at looking at them rather than driving them after he crashed a 20-million-rupee (£200,000) Lamborghini Gallardo. Needless to say, this is one employee who may be looking for a new job.

Pictures of the sports car show that it was damaged very badly in the front. The staff member who was driving the car was identified as Arun Kumar, who was pretty badly injured in the crash. Reports show that Kumar lost control of the car and ran into a concrete wall.

Unfortunately for Kumar, CCTV footage caught his inexperience in driving on tape. It shows him bring the super car from the parking area and drive it to the porch of this multi-level hotel, crashing it into a wall. The front of the car completely crumpled after impact.

The hotel offered to pay for the damages at first but later retracted the offer. The owner of the car, Nipun Mglani, filed a complaint with the police. Mglani, who was borrowing this car, said that valets had parked it for him a number of times without any problem. He even noted that earlier in the afternoon, a valet was the one who parked it safely in the parking area. The valet even returned it to the porch area without hassle.

No one is sure what happened after the valet got to the porch area. Either way, once there, he lost control and almost hit another valet. The end result was the expensive car smashing into the wall. Of course, it is not shocking that it is easy to lose control of such a sports car. This model of Lamborghini can reach speeds of over 200 miles an hour. The engine has more than 550 horsepower. All it takes is one wrong move for this car to be out of the driver’s control.

The valet that was driving was taken to the hospital. However, he was discharged the same day after being treated for minor injuries. The only thing that was really damaged was his pride and maybe his job security.



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