Five-star Peninsula Paris Hotel Opens

The PeninsulaHow much are travellers willing to spend on a hotel room? Well, if they are staying at the five-star Peninsula hotel, they have to spend an arm and a leg. This hotel, the revamp for which cost £341 million, has finally reopened its doors and is only taking the wealthiest guests. It is located in the heart of Paris and offers people nothing but the best.

It is not hard to find The Peninsula hotel once you arrive in the French capital. It can be found very close to the Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe. So, what’s the most expensive room? The penthouse suite located at the very top of the hotel. This room, which comes with its own rooftop garden, is going to set guests back £20,000 a night. That is more money than what most people get to spend on all the holidays they take over the course of many years.

The Peninsula’s exterior is done in a 19th century Haussmannian classic style. In total, it has 34 different suites and 200 rooms. These rooms are taken care of by the hotel’s more than 600 staff. If you want to give this hotel a go, the most basic room is still pretty pricey at £800 a night, which is the same as $1,400.

No one should be shocked at these prices. The hotel is only looking to attract the super-rich. With the £341 million that was spent to renovate the building, it was pretty obvious what kind of guests the hotel was looking to attract.

Of course, this building has not always been used as a hotel since being built in 1908. When it first opened, it was a hotel. However, by 1937, it was turned into a government conference centre. It is easy to see why this hotel needed a huge makeover to become a hotel for the rich and famous.

The Peninsula hotel has pulled out all of the stops. It even has its own fleet of cars, which includes Mini Coopers, BMWs and two Rolls-Royces. The cars are standing by to take holidaymakers anywhere they want around the city. This is part of the reason why this hotel has over 600 staff. At any time, guests can find masseuses and cigar connoisseurs. The goal of the hotel is to cater to its guests’ every whim.

All of the rooms come with a variety of different services and things that guests may need. Some of these services are expected for the price. For example, guests can make free calls from their hotel rooms. What they might not expect is that they can make these calls to anywhere in the world for free. Each room has its own coffee maker, which may not be as impressive as the fact that each room also has its own printer and nail polish-dryer. There is even a remote for the room that does everything from help guests order breakfast to dimming the lights.



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