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Ford plans to take Ford2Go service to Europe

Ford logoIt should come as no shock to anyone that car manufacturers are changing the way they do business. This is because the world is changing. People are starting to see that owning a car is no longer necessary. Due to this, car manufacturers now know that the market for buying new cars is shrinking. To counteract this, car makers like Ford have to come up with a new way to make money in a future where people are less interested in buying cars.

The executive chairman of Ford, Bill Ford, recently spoke on this topic. He said that the future is changing and so is the need to own a car. Bill pointed out that there are tons of reasons why people no longer need to own a car. This includes an increase in urban traffic and even lower income families being priced right out of the market. In short, cars are no longer a necessary part of people’s daily lives.

The best way they have found to counteract this, is to go the way of other companies like Zipcar. For those who don’t know, Zipcar is a car sharing service. This is something that Ford is very serious about. In fact, it is so serious that it has already come up with a name for this new service, and it is called Ford2Go.

The car sharing industry has been on the rise for a while now. Car sharing is much like renting a car, except people typically only rent the car for a few hours when using a car sharing program. This works out for people who only need to use a car a few hours during the week. Instead of wasting a bunch of money on renting a car for the whole day, they just rent it and pay for the hours they used it.

Now Ford wants to bring its Ford2Go service to Germany. This will be done in partnership with FHD GmbH. This is a group of dealerships that already run car sharing programs in Germany. Ford believes that this will be the quickest way to get into the market.

Of course, Ford would like to extend this service all over Europe. This is because Ford believes that this kind of lifestyle is better suited for Europe. That being said, it is starting to catch on in America, but it has been a lot slower in growth when compared to places in Europe.

Although this is a great move by Ford, they are not the first car manufacturer to run down this road. Other companies like BMW, Daimler and even Volkswagen already have a car sharing network in place. The car sharing services from BMW and Daimler have started popping up in North America. This could hurt Ford if they ever try to break into the American marketplace with their Ford2Go service. If people want to try this service and don’t want to wait for Ford, they can simply go with BMW.

To start with, Ford2Go will be supported by both Android and iOS apps. People can use these apps to quickly find cars to rent all over the country. To start with, there will be close to 500 cars available across 50 different dealerships in Germany.



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