Former Headquarters of White Star Line Is Being Turned Into a Hotel

Former White Star Line headquartersIt now seems that the former headquarters for the ionic White Star Line is going to be turned into a hotel. This is the same company that ran the Titanic. The building that is being used was built back in 1896. It sits on Liverpool’s James Street. The goal is to reopen this building later this year. The owners of the building have pumped more than £7 million into renovating it into a hotel. Since the building was so old, it needed all of these renovations.

The building itself is pretty big and will house up to 310 guests in 65-rooms. These rooms are spread out over 11 floors, and there is one floor that is dedicated to being a spa. Each of the hotel rooms will feature some kind of reference to either the era of the Titanic or to the White Star Line. They even have references to some of the heroes that were on the Titanic at the time of its sinking. This includes the second officer, Charles Ligholler, who helped numerous people escape the ship.

There will also be two rooms in the hotel that are designed around the 1997 film adaptation of the disaster by James Cameron. These two rooms are going to be named after the fictional characters that starred in the movie, Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt-Bukater. These are the two characters that were played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

The entire dining room will be modeled after the original dining room that was on the Titanic. One of the hotel bars, called Carpathia, and the hotel restaurant will offer great views of the Liverpool waterfront. The name of the bar comes from the ship that went to rescue the Titanic survivors. Guests will be able to stand out on a 100-foot balcony that circles the room of the building.

The hotel will also be filled with a number of QR codes in different places. Guests will be able to use smartphones to scan these QR codes. Once they do, actors whom the hotel has hired will appear on their screens and explain the object or room they are looking at in more detail. One of the people who explains things is Molly Brown. She was an extremely wealthy first-class passenger.

No one knows the exact day that the hotel is going to open. However, the company did say that the restaurant and the Carpathia bar will be open in April for people to visit. The other floors and the spa will not be open until September. Once again, the exact dates are not yet known.

The owners of the hotel expect that this Titanic-themed hotel will bring in guests from all over the world. They said that the history of the Titanic is a story that is known by people everywhere. The American movie that was made by James Cameron helped bring the story to the masses. It is also a story that is studied in many schools. Thus, this hotel is another way to bring that era back to life so that people can experience a little bit of the history of the Titanic first hand.



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