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Free holiday for man named Thomas Cook logoA man with the name Thomas Cook has found that there are benefits for a person who shares their name with an international travel company. This is because he was able to get a free holiday out of making his coincidence known online.

On the Facebook page for tour operator Thomas Cook, the man posted a comment last November asking for a weekend in Paris. Why did he think he deserved a free holiday weekend? Because his name has meant a lifetime of ridicule, and he believes he should be compensated.

The 26-year-old said that he shares the exact same name as the large company and has been ridiculed for as long as he can remember because of it. He thinks it’s only fair that the tour operator helps compensate for this by giving him a holiday for free.

However, Thomas Cook wasn’t impressed with the man’s argument and refused his request. The man protested the decision, saying that he suffered years of torment and being made fun of because he and the company share the same name. He believes he deserves a break to Paris because he helped promote the company’s brand by continuously keeping the name on people’s minds every time they talked to him.

Although tour operator Thomas Cook didn’t want to give in, the man was still able to get a free trip – from rival The company stepped up and offered the man a free break to Paris. Charlotte Hunt, the firm’s marketing representative, wrote that they completely sympathise with the man’s suffering, as they would have certainly accepted his request for a weekend in Paris if his name had been She then asked what he thought about them sending him away for the break.

Mr Cook really did get his trip too! Nicole Walsh, a spokeswoman for, confirmed that he went to the French capital this month. Earlier this week, he posted a photo of himself and a friend at the Eiffel Tower on, which he titled “Benefits of sharing my name with a travel agent”.

Eventually, tour company Thomas Cook was able to laugh at itself on its own Facebook page. It said that the team was pleased their namesake Thomas Cook looks to be having a great time on his free Paris trip. They would love to have sent him, along with all the other namesakes who write to the company. However, they love to help all their other loyal customers as well. Unfortunately, they can’t hand out free holidays to people who just happen to have great names.

In other Thomas Cook news (the company), packages will now be offered from Southend Airport for the first time. This is part of the operator’s new partnership with easyJet, with the packages starting from next year. Aviation executive director Rob Thompson says this means holidaymakers will have more options while the company will still offer great value for money. They are the first to work with a leading budget airline on this scale, and this partnership is a thrilling development for the industry.



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