Gas Explosion at Hyatt Regency London Leaves 14 People Injured

Hyatt Regency LondonIt’s easy to think that staying in a five-star hotel would make someone safer than staying at a two- or three-star hotel. Unfortunately, that was not the case for 14 people in London who were injured in a gas explosion at five-star luxury hotel Hyatt Regency London. This Portman Square-located hotel was evacuated because of a blast that happened around on Nov. 22.

Ambulance services in London said that at least five of the people who were injured were hospitalised. This included two people who had injuries to their legs. Nine more people were treated on the scene for minor injuries. Thankfully, all of the people who were injured are expected to make full recoveries, and none of the injured was a guest at the hotel.

Gas engineers and fire officers arrived quickly on the scene to check on the safety of all of the hotel guests. The gas engineers checked the hotel to make sure it was safe to allow guests back inside. Fire officers said that the gas explosion happened just after 11:40 p.m. GMT. Apparently, it started in the basement and caused part of the building to collapse, which led to the injuring of many staff.

Local media said that around 80 firefighters rushed to the building. Many of them had special equipment that is designed to help them deal with the collapsing building. Total, around 500 people had to be evacuated from the hotel. There are more than 400 rooms at this establishment.

A spokesman for Hyatt Regency London said that there were no guests that were harmed. All of the people who were injured were staff members. While the damage was being assessed, all of the guests were accommodated in other hotels in London free of charge.

A man who lives just opposite of the hotel, Dennis Luwer, said that a huge hole was blown into the side of the building. The whole scene was pretty intense. He had just returned home and saw a lot of people standing outside the hotel. He knew that something bad had happened, but he wasn’t sure what it was.

Police officials said that the streets around the hotel were blocked off for a few hours. There is also a big hole in the outer side of the hotel. Right now they need to determine if this hole is hurting the structure of the building. The hotel is only about 2 metres high and 1 metre wide. It had a metal garage door, but it is bulging out now and has to be replaced. Officials also had to clean up the area around the hotel, which was full of glass where the lower windows were blown out.



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