Glamour model bride snubbed by Stoke Park Hotel by mistake

Stoke Park HotelIt has emerged that a bride-to-be has been turned down by an upscale hotel, where she had hopes of having her dream wedding. Pauline Bailey (27) decided Stoke Park Hotel was the perfect venue for her wedding, and she and Paul Carty (51), her fiance, were happy to pay £10,000 for it.

The couple contacted the hotel’s wedding planner, Michele Connelly, about possible dates for the shindig, and more friendly communications were traded. The couple was quoted £240 per guest for a wedding at Stoke Park Hotel. The venue boasts a golf course where Sean Connery fought Goldfinger in the 1964 film, while its ballroom was used to film Tomorrow Never Dies in 1997. Bailey and Carty wanted to marry in the Fountain Room, but she was sent an email by mistake, revealing the planner’s true feelings about the couple.

The email was sent to Carlo Zoccali, Connelly’s manager, as well as forwarded to Bailey. She was asking for her manager’s advice on the wedding. She says she knows it probably doesn’t sound nice, but she’s been trying to put the wedding off because she didn’t think the couple were the type of people they would want at the hotel. She added that she put Bailey off for the time being and then ended the email with “Help!!!”.

Bailey says the dam burst when she read the email. She was horrified, as her wedding planner was asking her boss how to get rid of them. This was greatly offensive to her and her fiance. They are middle-class, well-educated, hard-working and respectable. They can hold their own anywhere and with the company of anyone. They are very decent people and didn’t deserve being humiliated like this.

The couple thinks they were snubbed due to Connelly’s objection to Carty’s eyebrow piercing and two small earrings, or the couple’s age difference. Carty works as an engineer for the Ministry of Defence, working in Bristol, while he’s also a former law student. Bailey is a drug and alcohol councellor, law graduate and adult TV performer. The pair say it seemed like Connelly was throwing obstacles at them for everything they wanted. When they got the email, Bailey hired a lawyer to look into the possibly of taking legal action against the venue for defamation.

Bailey has since been sent an emailed apology from Zoccali, inviting her to meet him to talk about the wedding. He humbly apologised for the email that was mistakenly sent to her. He also noted that he talked to Connelly about it and will deal with the issue internally. A spokesman says that this matter is very unfortunate, and they apologised to Bailey and Carty within 24 hours of the email being sent. The opinions in the email weren’t a reflection of Stoke Park Hotel in any way. They are a very friendly and welcoming hotel, and they are inclusive of everyone.

It wasn’t actually revealed until this week that Bailey is a glamour model for Red Light Central TV under the stage name Rachel T. A spokesman for the hotel says that, as far as he knows, this wasn’t the reason for Connelly snubbing the couple. Bailey says she’s been a part-time model for five years after starting when she graduated for her master’s. The work was going well and she continued doing it because it was financially viable.

Due to the humiliation Bailey and Carty have been through with Stoke Park Hotel, they have naturally decided to have their wedding at another venue next summer. However, Stoke Park did invite them to reconsider their facilities.



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