Glasgow drivers named as worst offenders in Britain

scotland-welcomeA survey of British motorists has found that people with Glasgow postcodes are the most likely to have penalty points on their driving licences. The Mirror study of the UK’s 2.8 million drivers with penalty points found that eight of the top ten postcodes for offenders were in Glasgow. 

Postcode G40 is the Bridgeton area of the Scottish city and is home to 3,924 drivers with UK issued licences. Of these, 746 have penalty points on their licences for various offences including exceeding the speed limit. This equates to the fact 19 per cent of the driving population have a court conviction for a driving offence.

Castlemilk, postcode G45, is next on the list and 891 out of its 5,163 licence-holders have offended. This is the equivalent of just over 17 per cent. The next six on the list with most offences were the Glasgow postcodes of G33, G34, G53, G5, G32 and G31.

Positions nine and ten on the list were south of the border. Of the 9,100 licence-holders with SLO postcodes 1,365, or 15 per cent, had driving convictions. SLO is Slough and its surrounding areas.

The nearby Oxford postcode of OX49 did not fare much better as its percentage was only 0.2 lower. A total of 494 of its 3,348 drivers had endorsements on their licences.

At almost 7.5 per cent, the offence rate for drivers across the UK is lower. Drivers with TR Truro postal addresses were the best behaved and the research found only 3.9 per cent of them had accrued penalty points.



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