Glastonbury Festival Travelers will see Improving Weather and Lots of Traffic

Glastonbury Festival CrowdAs most people are aware, the Glastonbury Festival is coming up quickly. People from all over will be travelling to this music festival to see all of their favorite bands. However, when the festival dates were first announced, the Met Office had promised some very unpleasant weather. Now that the festival draws nearer, the Met Office has changed its prediction, saying that the weather is “improving.”

The Glastonbury Festival is a 3-day event that will be taking place in Somerset. The festival itself is going to start June 24, but some reports have already shown that many music fans have already started arriving as of today (June 22).

According to a spokesperson from the Met Office, Wednesday and Thursday are likely to be a mix of sunshine and showers for people waiting on the festival to get started. When the festival first gets underway on Friday, music lovers can expect sun to start with. However, by the evening time this sun should give way to some clouds and light rain.

The spokesperson went on to say that Saturday’s forecast is going to prove to be an odd one. Most of the time the weather will just be warm and humid, but there is likely to be an “odd” heavy shower or two thrown in there. Sunday’s forecast is looking like it will offer festivalgoers the best weather overall. Sunday should be warm and sunny for most of the day.

Of course, weather is not the only thing that Glastonbury Festival travellers have to watch out for. Experts warn that the roads are likely going to be slammed pack until the end of the festival. Some media sources will be covering live traffic feeds of the area in order to give people a heads up. Of course, congested roads will affect, not only festivalgoers, but anyone else on those roads as well. People not heading to the festival would be wise to avoid that area. The days leading up to the festival are expected to be the busiest.

This year’s Glastonbury Festival has some big stars that are set to appear. Some of the stars include Beyounce, Coldplay, Queens of the Stone Age, DJ Shadow and, of course, Tinie Tempah just to name a few. According to the co-organiser of the festival, Emily Eavis, fans can thank Coldplay frontman Chris Martin for getting Beyonce to play at the festival.

According to reports, Beyonce was not sure if she was going to take center stage at this year’s festival due to the very negative response that her husband, Jay-Z, received from his Glasto performance back in 2008. However, Chris was able to help talk Beyonce into doing the gig, and he is going to make personally sure that she did not receive the same response as Jay-Z.



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