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Google Now Being Threaten by China Over Hacking Rumors

Google LogoEveryone knows that China and Google have never been the best of friends. The two have just never been able to see eye-to-eye. Well just recently Google claimed that China had attempt to steal email passwords for hundreds of email account holders. Some of these email holders were United States government officials. However, some of the other people who China was attacking, according to Google, included Chinese human rights activists and journalists.

Of course, this is a claim that China cannot let go unnoticed. In fact, Chinese media has already claimed that Google is simply trying to “provoke a new dispute between China and the United States.” The media went on to say that Google’s claims have some kind of ulterior motive to them. They then said that Google should not become “embroiled” in the international political struggle.

However, Google claims that it tracked the source of the attacks back to Jinan, in the Shandong province. Of course, Google has not come out and officially accused the Chinese government of trying to orchestrate the attacks, but Google has made it clear that they feel the Chinese government is somehow involved in the whole matter. As soon as Google said this, it prompted some very angry comments from Beijing.

In fact, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that blaming this kind of deed on China is completely unacceptable. He then went on to say that hacking is seen as a international problem, one in which China is also a victim. The claims that China is somehow supporting hacking is completely unfounded and there are “ulterior motives” behind them.

Of course, this spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry was not the only person to deny these claims. Liang Guanglie, the China Defense minister, also came forward to deny all of these claims that China had involvement in this attempted breach. He went on to point out that China saw a 1620.3 percent rise in cyber attacks in 2010. Most of these attacks seem to have come from the United States.

Other media sources in China say that it is very apparent what Google was trying to do. They were “deliberately” trying to paint a negative picture of China for Western perception. However, Google has repeatedly failed to produce any kind of evidence of their so-called cyber “espionage” claims. China went on to say that this is not the first slander that Google has said about the country. They finished up by saying that if Google has any kind of evidence at all, why not try to settle this matter through the courts.

Although Google has made no official claims, computer experts in the United States have noted that there are an increasing number of attacks coming from China. These attacks have spiked during the recent months.



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