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Google Now Reminds Travellers of Car Rental Reservations

Google Now cardsThere is not much that Google does not try to do. It seems like it has its hands in just about everything. In an attempt to make Google Now even more helpful on Android devices, Google has included functionality to remind travellers of their car rental reservations. This is yet another way that Google is trying to stay integrated with people’s lives.

Google Now is Google’s attempt to compete with the growing popularity of virtual personal assistants. Using what Google calls “natural language,” users are able to interact with Google Now by asking it questions. Google Now also reminds users of important events and even makes recommendations for users based on their locations. In short, Google Now attempts to passively deliver information that it predicts users find helpful. These predictions are, of course, based on users’ search habits, and that is why Google Now is considered part of the Google Search app. Google is hoping that Google Now will be able to compete with Apple’s Sari and Microsoft’s upcoming Cortana for Windows Phones.

The fact that Google Now is trying to help out travellers should not be shocking. In fact, just last August, Google Now started giving travellers details about nearby car rental locations. This newest feature added to Google Now is the next logical step. It will help users remember the when, where and what regarding their car rentals.

This feature on Google Now is accessed by simply clicking on Google Search and asking, “Where is my car rental reservation?” From there, Google Now will pop up with information about any car rentals that the person has made. This includes the company that the person rented from, the type of car that he or she reserved, the price of the car and so on.

Just like all the other Google Now services, this one does not work by some sort of black magic. In order for this service to work, Google Now reads the rental information that is sent to the user. Thus, the user has to have the rental information sent to his or her Gmail account. Most people who use Google Now have a Gmail. Also, this service only works on mobile phones, so travellers will have no luck trying to pull up this service on their Web browsers.

The only drawback to this service right now is that it does not remind travellers automatically. Instead, the user has to make an inquiry about their car rental to receive the information. This is not really a problem, but it would be extremely helpful if the information was brought to the user’s attention as the reservation date draws closer. Admittedly, this would only speed things up slightly, but the whole point of this feature is to speed things up. After all, the information that is provided to users can be found in their emails, which they can also check from their phones.



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