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Google Street View Allows Users to Turn Back Time

Google MapsIt is always fun to use Google Street View to look at places from all over the world. It is also fun for the user to check out places they have been before. However, wouldn’t it be cool if Google Street View let users turn back the clock so that they can see how a place used to look? Well, now they can!

According to Google, Street View now has a new feature that allows users to see how places change after a few years by comparing pictures from years past. Google has done this by uploading all of the images that it has taken of places since 2007. Using these pictures, Google has created a digital time capsule of sorts, allowing people to quickly look back through history.

Vinay Shet, the product manager of Street View, said that users can now use Street View to see how different landmarks have grown over the years. For example, people can look at the construction of New York City’s Freedom Tower or Brazil’s 2014 World Cup Stadium.

Shet added that the new feature can even be used as a digital historical timeline. For example, people can see how the tsunami and earthquake in Japan changed the city. To use this feature, users just have to look for a clock icon in the upper left corner when using Street View panorama. From there, users can simply move a slider to go back over the last seven years. In short, it allows people to skim over the last seven years of history in just a few seconds.

Not only does it show how places have changed over the years, but people can also witness the different seasons of a place. For example, people can check out Italian roadways and what they look like in the summer versus the winter. It truly is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Google Street View has mapped out the world like never before. Thanks to Google, there is more than 12 million miles worth of interactive photos. People can literally walk the streets from one side of the UK to the other. They can travel every section of the United States. Although this time travel feature is not available for every area yet, Google is looking on expanding its offerings in the new feature.

For the time being, this time travel feature is only available for the desktop version of Street View. Google said that it might bring this amazing feature to phones at a later date. Google is always looking for ways to improve on the services it offers so it can stay number one.

Shet noted that people can now go back to the past from the comfort of their own home. Forget trying to get a DeLorean up to 88 mph. Google Maps will do the hard work for people. Happy time travelling everyone!



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