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Gunman Anders Breivik Confesses to Killing 93 in Norway Attacks

Anders BreivikAnders Breivik says that he acted alone in two attacks in Norway that killed at least 93 people and injured another 100. He carried out a mass shooting at a Utøya youth camp and bombed downtown Oslo. Police have raided his Oslo apartment but found no link to the attacks, while media reports say he had been planning the attacks for 2 years.

The 32-year-old Norwegian killer said that he started preparing for the attacks in autumn of 2009. This emerged from a 1,500-page document that is part political rant, bombmaking manual and diary – which he published online hours before the killing spree began. The man details his initiation as a Knight Templar, his hatred of Islam and his attacks on Marxism. The claim that he has been planning the attacks for nearly 2 years has raised concerns about Norwegian authorities’ intelligence capabilities. He is surprised in his manifesto that he hasn’t been flagged for suspicious activities.

Geir Lippestad, his lawyer, said that his client had admitted responsibility for the gun and bomb attacks, confessing that they were abominable but essential. However, it’s expected that Breivik will plead not guilty in a court appearance today. Seven people were killed in the downtown Oslo bombing, but then he went on a shooting spree at a summer youth camp, which killed at least 86 and is the largest massacre by a single gunman in the modern era. What’s even more horrifying is that police say they arrested him with a significant amount of ammunition left.

Police are investigating if Breivik had help during the attacks, even though he says he acted alone. Meanwhile, surgeons have revealed that he was using ‘dum-dum’ bullets, which disintegrate inside the body and cause the most internal damage.

Sveinung Sponheim, the acting police chief for Oslo, says that they are investigating statements from witnesses on the island, as they talked about there being more than just one gunman. Their priority is to find out if Breivik really was alone, he added. On Sunday, counter-terrorism police raided Breivik’s Oslo flat and arrested 6 others, who were later released without being charged.

There have also been claims that he is affiliated with British extremists, so police are seeking to determine if he travelled to London to plan the attacks. Security sources in Europe have confirmed investigating claims that he and other individuals went to the British capital for the inaugural meeting of the Knights Templar in 2002. They also say that there has been more talk online lately from individuals claiming to belong to the group.

Jens, Breivik’s father, says that he was completely shocked to find out about all of this, and he hasn’t recovered from it. According to reports, he was reading the online newspapers and saw his name and photo. Jens lives in France and hasn’t been in contact with Breivik since 1995.



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