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Hacker Attacks PayPal UK’s Twitter Account

PayPal Logo & Warning SignAccording to some new reports, PayPayl just recently admitted that its Twitter account in the UK was hacked and later suspended. The good news, however, is that no user data was breached during this hacking. Either way, it looks like PayPal was the next victim of all of the recent online attacks that have been going on.

Reports go on to show that attackers were able to infiltrate the PayPal UK Twitter account around 3:15pm New York time. From there they started tweeting messages to all of PayPal UK’s 17,000 followers. A spokesman for PayPal, Anuj Nayar, said that PayPayl UK Twitter was hacked recently and has been turned off. No account information or anything like that was breached in any way.

One of the Tweets that was sent out during this time said that PayPal has the right to freeze people’s funds for no reason at all, “do not use PayPal!.” Not only that, but the account’s very own photo and description was also changed before it was taken down by Twitter.

Of course, PayPal’s Twitter account is not the only account that has been compromised recently. In fact, just this week a Twitter account belonging to News Corp.’s Fox News had reported that United States President Barack Obama had been assassinated. This report, of course, turned out to be completely false. Currently it is not even known if these two events are even related. However, there are some experts that claim to think that they were done by the same group or person.

These attacks on Twitter come just a week after hackers admitted to taking down MasterCard’s website. They said that they did this in remembrance of the six-month anniversary of the company blocking payments to WikiLeaks. Hackers had went on to admit that they targeted PayPal, Visa and MasterCard back in December after these companies barred credit card payments from donors to WikiLeaks. For the people who do not know, WikiLeaks is a site that is known for publishing secret documents on the web. This does include such documents as confidential United States diplomatic documents.

However, the spokesman for PayPal had a different take on the story. In fact, he said that PayPal’s website did not go down in December. Not only that, but PayPal was always on alert for attacks against its site. He then said, with this particular threat, the team at Paypal actively reinforced their security measures and the team continues to be vigilant against future attacks.

Despite the way that some people feel about PayPal, it has grown into one of the easiest ways to pay and get paid online. PayPal is, of course, owned by eBay and seems to get more popular by the day. So popular, in fact, that the United States government had no choice but to ask PayPal to send in tax information on people who have met certain thresholds starting this year.



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