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Heavy Rainstorms Cause Travel Problems in England

FloodThere are a lot of things that can cause travel delays. However, nothing usually causes more problems than Mother Nature. London, Essex and Sussex were reminded of this over the weekend. Due to flash flooding, there were a number of travel problems.

After a massive amount of rain, railway and road services came to a complete standstill in south-east England. According to the Met Office, England was hit with the total amount of rain that it usually gets for all of July in less than one hour.

Since the rain came so quickly, many people found themselves trapped in their cars while the roads around them turned into rivers. In fact, the London Fire Brigade said that it spent much of the weekend trying to free people who were trapped in their cars.

Most train services were cancelled when the rain started. Network Rail said that services are running again, but people may have to wade through knee-deep water in some areas of the rail stations. Other delays in areas around England were caused by an electricity substation being hit by lightning.

Of course, rail and car travel were not the only forms of travel that experienced delays. Due to the huge amount of water received in just a small amount of time, flights coming into Garrick Airport were delayed as well.

The town of Isfield in Sussex received 1.5 inches of rain in one hour. In Essex, the town of Great Dunmow received nearly 2 inches of rainfall in the same amount of time. One road in the town of Thaxted collapsed due to floodwater. Many homes in this area also collapsed, and at least five people in the town had to be taken to safety by firemen.

In London, fire workers said that they had to rescue two women who had become trapped in their car due to flash floods. According to reports, this happened around the South Ruislip station. Thankfully, no one was serious injured during the flash floods.

This is just a small example of the terrible weather that the United Kingdom has been dealing with this year. Flooding has affected around 50 homes in Ruislip and caused a lot of travel delays. Officials said that the outcome could have been a lot worse, so they consider themselves lucky. The Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said that it received around 300 calls in just a few hours. Some of the calls had to be passed on to the Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service.



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