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Hertz announces addition of Porsche 911, Cayenne and Boxster

2012 Porsche 911When people rent cars, they usually want something that they can’t actually own. That is why many car rental companies have been introducing a wide range of sports cars. Hertz, which is one of the global leaders in the car hire industry, has one of the most impressive line-ups to date. In order to keep thrill seekers coming back for more, Hertz has announced the addition of new Porsche models.

Until now, if people wanted to rent a Porsche from Hertz, they were limited to the Porsche Panamera. Now Hertz is adding the Porsche 911, Boxster and the Cayenne. To start with, these cars are only going to be available in limited markets. However, if the demand for these cars is high, Hertz has made it clear that it will roll these cars out to other territories as well.

Hertz believes that people like to drive these cars, because they transform a typical trip into something extraordinary. Also, it gives people an opportunity to drive a car that they typically would not have a chance to drive. Not everyone can afford to buy a Porsche, but almost everyone can afford to rent one for a day or so.

Mark P. Frissora, who is the CEO and Chairman, said that the response among Hertz consumers has been overwhelming. They want more Porsche cars, and they want them now! This clearly shows that Hertz consumers have a passion to get behind the wheel of some of the finest cars on the market to date. The race technology and performance that Porsche is able to bring to everyday driving is truly one-of-a-kind. Now consumers have more Porsche models to choose from.

It is due to things like this why Hertz has been dubbed “Top-Rated for Vehicles.” This was an honour given to Hertz by Zagat for 2012 and 2013. Zagat said it was Hertz’s expanded line-up of Porsche models that gives it the fighting edge. Hertz literately gives consumers the opportunity to travel in style.

The suggested retail price for some of these cars runs between $50,000 and $85,000. Thus, these are not cars that the average person can simply afford. However, Hertz is allowing people to rent these cars for just $250 a day. Keep in mind that other rates and conditions may still apply. Although this is more than its other cars, it still makes driving a Porsche affordable. For more details on this offer, people need to visit Hertz’s official website to view all the terms and conditions.

This announcement from Hertz actually puts other car hire companies in a tough spot. Hertz is starting to corner the market in terms of extravagant cars. As Hertz continues to build its name around quality, other car hire companies will have to play catch-up. The best chance other car rental companies have is to release popular sports cars like what Hertz is offering, but do it outside of America. Hertz has already expressed its interest in doing this, so other companies will have to work quickly to beat it to the punch.



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