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Hertz Announces New Clean & Safe Program

Hertz officeHertz is already known as one of the leading car companies in the world, but it has no plans on just relying on its name alone. Instead, Hertz continues to look for ways to make the rental experience more enjoyable. To achieve that, Hertz has announced a new protocol to make sure that its car rentals are the cleanest in the industry.

This new system is known as Hertz Certified Clean & Safe. This program is going to be rolled out in different areas across the United States. This involves introducing the program at both urban and airport locations. Hertz said that for the very first time in its history, it is going to share with its consumers the steps that are taken to ensure that every car is clean and safe to drive. This checklist has 35 different points of interest. Each and every car that is put up for rent has to pass this checklist, or it cannot be driven by a consumer.

The CEO and chairman of Hertz, Mark Frissora, said that Hertz is extremely committed to making sure that its cars are the safest and the cleanest on the road.  Hertz is so committed to this that the company wants to share its Certified Clean & Safe system with consumers. It wants consumers to know that it is adding a personal touch to each rental that other companies are not. This is a huge 35-point checklist, and every car has to pass it.

The checklist that Hertz is talking about is extremely detailed. Below is a breakdown of the 35 points of interest that Hertz looks at when it is getting a car ready for rent.


–       Exterior wash

–       Remove odours

–       Clean the console

–       Wash the cup holders

–       Wipe down the front and back of seats

–       Remove dirt from windows, both inside and out

–       Clean both the outside and inside mirrors

–       Remove junk from the glove box

–       Polish the steering wheel and dashboard

–       Wash door pockets and panels


–       Check and replace the windscreen wipers

–       Refill the spare tire, and make sure all necessary tools are there to change a flat

–       Make sure the owner’s manual is in the dash compartment

–       Check all of the lights, inside and out

–       Ensure there are no warning lights on

–       Measure the tread left on the tires

–       Check the AC and heat

–       Make sure the seat belts are in working order

–       Refill the fuel

–       Check the antenna

Professional driver Joey Logano of Penske Racing said that he knows just how important it can be to make sure that a vehicle is both clean and safe before hitting the road. As such, consumers need to make sure that they only rent from companies that thoroughly inspect all of their vehicles. Before every single race, his own car undergoes a huge checklist very similar to the one that Hertz does on its cars. Hertz is taking every step it can to make sure that everyone who rents from it is safe.



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